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Moving Items

These procedures should be applied to serial holdings or to monographs with multi-part holdings.  For single part items it is probably easier to simply change the holdings record to display the correct information.  These procedures assume that there are multiple holdings already established and an item needs to be moved from one holding location to another.


To move an ITEM to a different HOL on the same BIB

Examples: For copy 2s that were on the same holdings as a copy 1, or to transfer a single item in a multi-volume set from one location to another multi-volume set.









To move an ITEM to an HOL on a different BIB

Examples: Move periodical holdings on different BIB records due to title changes, or move a serial volume which was previously cataloged as a monograph to a serial record, or move a monograph that was previously added to a serial record when it should have been analyzed, etc.











Prepared by: Hank Young and Emily Madden

Created: October 29, 2007

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