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Physical Processing for Serials (Including Periodicals)


Annuals (or less frequent)

Most annuals (or serials that are published even less often), are processed exactly the same way monographs would be. Place a barcode appropriately on the piece, and write the call number on the inside back cover. Place the material on the correct processing shelf.

When to use a piggyback barcode

Some annuals need to be sent to Preservation for special processing

Routing Items from Cataloging to Preservation for West and MSL

Routing Items from Cataloging to Preservation for Other Branches

Important Exception: All first copies of softbound African annuals should receive a piggyback barcde, and be placed on the binding shelf marked for African Approval serials.


Loose periodical issues do not receive barcodes. Instead, place a label at the lower left corner of the issue, and print the call number in pencil on the label as you would in the back of a volume. (If the issues are light-colored and the paper is not glossy, you may write the call number directly on the piece.) You do not need to add the numbering or date. Do use LAC (+) or Judaica (**) codes above the number. Periodicals should be routed to the Serials Unit on the second floor for West, Africa, and Asia locations; hand-delivered to Special Collections; sent to other branches by campus mail. Be sure to include a note with your name or initials, the Aleph number, date, and any other important information.

Important Exceptions: If you receive a large number of issues of a periodical, or damaged or fragile material, consult the Binding Unit after completing cataloging and before adding stickers, barcodes, or markings. Newspapers are usually not bound.

For new, purchased, standing order titles for any location, notify the Serials Unit as well as the serials contact person for the branch. For new gift or exchange titles, notify the Gifts and Exchange Unit, as well as the branch.


Physical Processing for Serials (Including Periodicals)

Physical Processing for Serials (Including Periodicals)


Prepared by: Naomi Young

Updated: October 12, 2005

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