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JUNE 22, 2000

Members in Attendance: Carolyn Henderson Allen, John Ingram, Marcia Pearce, Dot Hope, Cathy Mook, Pam Cenzer (for Carol Drum), Bill Covey, Jan Swanbeck, Denise Bogart-Caballero, Gary Cornwell, Rich Bennett, Martha Hruska, David Hickey, Erich Kesse, Barbara Hood, Barbara Oliver, Barry Hartigan

Members Absent: Carol Turner, Rob Roberts

Meeting Manager: Dale Canelas
Facilitator: Trudi DiTrolio

1. Report on Library Budget
Dale discussed positions that will be filled during the next budget year. The library will also receive carry forward funds, and approximately $600,000 in tuition increase money.
2. Report on New Planning Process
Carolyn Henderson Allen discussed a different way of putting together the library goals and objectives. The idea came about during planning sessions in the public services meetings. A retreat with all library staff will kick off a year of events that will enable staff to look at what the library does well and what it can improve.
Dale said that research libraries are changing so fast that there is a need to continuously evolve to keep up with the trends and needs of the patrons. Although library staff will be planning a new way to carry out the process, strategic goals that will be worked on during the planning process must be identified.
3. Funding for Addition
The library addition is on the university’s facilities list for funding in July 2001. After the building is complete, a renovation of Library West will begin.
4. Name the System Contest
Dale announced that Barbara Hood had won the Name the System contest for the SUS Digital Library. The winning name is Rosetta.
5. Report on Development
Marcia Pearce discussed Chapter One and said its circulation would increase to 5,000. The publication will come out quarterly, with a Howe Society newsletter incorporated into it twice a year. She asked that any ideas for articles be sent to Barbara Hood.
Marcia also reported that the library has received $600,000 in new endowments since January.
6. Strategic Objectives
Dale said she wanted to make sure the 1999-2000 strategic objectives document had all the achievements listed. She asked that all steering committees look over the sections that apply to them to make certain everything is there. Any ideas should be brought to the September LMG meeting. The document can be found at
7. Travel for the Coming Year
Martha said that the travel procedures put in place last year should be discussed. There is a little more money in the budget for this year, but a determination needs to be made on what money is needed for travel, especially with three ALA events.
Erich Kesse and Cathy Mook suggested that issuing lump sums to departments doesn’t work well for the smaller departments. Dale said that is something being done is inherently different between departments it should be changes.
Carolyn suggested creating a task force to work with Barbara Oliver and/or Trudi to decide the best way to handle travel money.
8. Reduce LMG
Dale announced that the directors want to reduce LMG to quarterly meetings. These will be used to touch base with departments and discuss library-wide issues.
9. Carolyn
Carolyn has accepted a position as Dean of Libraries at the University of Arkansas. She will probably leave UF at the end of August.

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