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FEBRUARY 10, 2000

Members in Attendance: John Ingram, Marcia Pearce, Dot Hope, Carol Turner, Cathy Mook, Carol Drum, Bill Covey, Jan Swanbeck, Denise Bogart-Caballero, Gary Cornwell, Rob Roberts, Rich Bennett, Martha Hruska, David Hickey, Erich Kesse

Meeting Manager: Dale Canelas

Facilitator: Trudi DiTrolio

1. Meeting with Campus Building Committee
Dale reported on her meeting with the head of Facilities Planning and Associate Provost Charles Fraiser. She said that they want to give the library more space but need to find the best way to do it for the least money because there is less and less PECO money available.
Dale said she told them she would be happy with a 100,000 square foot “box” with five floors, environmentally controlled, filled with compact shelving. She also insists that Library West must be renovated. They agreed on a project of $30 million to build the “box” and renovate Library West. The proposal now must go to the vice presidents in early March. They will prioritize construction projects for UF.  The president is very interested in helping the libraries, so we do have a supporter in the meeting. The prioritized list will then be taken to the Board of Regents. At their August meeting, the BOR will decide on the priority for SUS buildings statewide.  Which projects will be funded for the following fiscal year will then depend on the amount of state money that is allocated to the Board of Regents. The earliest the money would be available, if approved, would be July, 2001.
2) Trip Reports on LIBNEWS
Rich Bennett discussed an idea for putting trip reports on the LIBNEWS website. He said everyone is required to submit a report on their trip in order to get reimbursement. His suggestion was that they submit a short synopsis on what they learned at the conference they attended to be put on LIBNEWS. He discussed this with Barbara Oliver and she said she could put the reports together since she gets them with the reimbursement requests.  There was no objection to this plan.
3) Pest Notification System
Cathy Mook and Rob Roberts announced a new pest notification form they created online. If staff members see a pest (insect, rodent, etc) they fill out the form online. It is automatically sent to the campus pest control office, Facilities and Preservation. It is important that both Rob and Cathy know of any pest calls.  It is also important that the name of the person who sighted the pest be on the form so that s/he can be contacted.
4) Storing Non-Paper Media: A Test Project
Cathy Mook discussed the security CD jewel cases that Marston Science Library was testing. She wanted to know if there was enough interest and a significant amount of non-paper media to continue the project. A discussion was held to decide the best way to determine what to use the cases on and how they would be cataloged and shelved, and who should make those decisions. It was generally agreed that this is a good idea for periodicals but there are reservations about monographs.  The decision was made to have Cathy research the idea some more and bring additional information to the group at a later date.
5) Staff Development Program Update
Trudi DiTrolio said she would like to invite established staff to take part in the library tour offered during the new staff orientation. She said this would allow staff to see areas of the library they may have missed during their own orientation, or see what changes had been made in areas. Established staff would be able to attend the tour on a space- available basis. A discussion was held to determine if the established staff would then be invited to attend the luncheon with the directors that traditionally follows the tour. Options included not inviting them to the luncheon, having a separate tour for established staff, inviting everyone to the luncheon or canceling the luncheon altogether. Martha Hruska suggested that an email be sent out to all staff to determine the level of interest in the tour before any final decisions are made.  Dale pointed out that several years ago, Mari Marsh had given several tours so that every staff member who then wanted to take one had been accommodated.  The number of staff who have not had an orientation tour is unknown.
A discussion was also held on the topic of staff training and whether staff feel they have the opportunity to avail themselves of training, either online or at group sessions. Some members felt that although training is a part of each staff member’s job description, staff feel like they must do their normal work plus add on additional training time. The responsibility of making sure staff is adequately trained falls on the supervisors. And it is also up to the supervisors to be clear and fair about their productivity expectations as well as what level of competency they expect.
6) Division Reports
7) Announcements

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