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OCTOBER 14, 1999

Members Present:Carol Turner, David Hickey, Dorothy Hope, Martha Hruska, Carolyn Henderson Allen, John Ingram, Jan Swanbeck, Rob Roberts , Erich Kesse, Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Denise Bogart-Caballero, Gary Cornwell, Marcia Pearce, Carol Drum, Ann Lindell, Barry Hartigan, Barbara Oliver

Members Absent:
 Dale Canelas, LeiLani Freund, Cathy Mook

Facilitator: Trudi DiTrolio

1) NRG Charge
Ed Teague reported that there is a huge quantity of CD-ROMs in the libraryís collection. In the last three years the Internet has exploded. The groupís new charge is to establish a fund for electronic resources. This has broadened the function of NRG. They have a larger role in selecting a wider variety of resources and following up with post-acquisition evaluations.  The group will meet every couple of weeks as the new responsibilities begin.

2) Closed Stack Task Force Report

The group met this summer to see if it could justify closing the stacks to decrease the number of lost books. The study estimated a 6 percent loss over 25 years.  The group also estimated that it took five minutes to retrieve one item. The decision was that the stacks should remain open because closing them didnít significantly save money or create less of a loss.  It also would not save much space in the library. The group also surveyed peer institutions and found that the majority of them did not have closed stacks.

3) Space Issues

a. Current status in LAD and paged stacks
David Hickey reported that there are 9,995 linear feet remaining in LAD. In the next 30 to 60 days new shelving will be installed which will increase the space by 19,781 linear feet.   If the Dewey review is completed, a significant number of volumes will be sent out to LAD causing a space cramp.
Paged Collection has 12,110 linear feet of space remaining.
b. Special Collections stacks
John Ingram reported that the first and second floors contain 27,000 linear feet of shelving. This area is 92 percent occupied. The third floor has 13,000 linear feet of space, with 11,500 to 12,000 occupied. The fourth floor is 60 percent occupied and the fifth floor is 50 percent occupied. The department is quickly reaching a space problem and John expects to acquire many new books in the near future. Connie Mack will donate his papers to the Special Collections department when he leaves the senate. Lawton Chiles senatorial papers are being processed. His gubernatorial papers will be kept in the state archives.
c. Report from the Library West Space Committee
Rob said there will be a meeting for the staff to ask questions about the Library West space problems. The committee has been charged with finding space in Library West. Carolyn said that the University Library Committee discussed potential changes and the faculty made it known that they did not want the collections split between different libraries.
Rob said to really increase any usable space in Library West; compact shelving would have to be used. An engineering firm must evaluate the building and determine what weight the floors can hold because compact shelving is an increase in weight.
Committee Report

4) Systems Liaison Training

Trudi reported on the Systems Liaison training. She went over the comments and evaluations turned in by the liaisons after the training sessions. The recommendation was to provide two more training sessions. The question arose as to whether sessions with outside trainers should be offered again. The liaisons werenít happy with the group who provided the training, and the sessions werenít as tailored as Trudi had hoped.
Liaison Training Recommendations
Liaisons' Review

5) Staff Development Budget Issues

a. Faculty Support Center
Trudi asked that employees who want to attend FSC classes send their request to her.

b. Ordering Training Materials
Any requests for training materials must go through Trudi. The materials are purchased through the staff development budget and Trudi tracks the use of the funds.

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