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AUGUST 12, 1999

Members Present: Carol Turner, David Hickey, Dorothy Hope, Martha Hruska, Carolyn Henderson Allen, John Ingram, Jan Swanbeck, Rob Roberts, Cathy Mook , Erich Kesse, Rich Bennett, Winston Harris (for Bill Covey), Barry Hartigan, Denise Bogart-Caballero, LeiLani Freund, Ann Lindell , Denise Bogart Caballero

Members Absent: Carol Drum, Marcia Pearce, Gary Cornwell, Barbara Oliver

Meeting Manager: Dale Canelas

Facilitator: Trudi DiTrolio

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jane B. Robbins, Professor and Dean, School of Information Studies, Florida State University

Dr. Robbins spoke to the group about FSU's program. She asked for feedback from lmg members about what they look for when hiring new librarians.  She said that she feels that the program lays a foundation for graduates to build their career upon. She also said that 60-70% of people who want to get a library degree have previously worked in a library.
LMG members introduced themselves and gave ideas of what they would like to see in new librarians. Ideas included: internship experience, computer skills, cataloging skills, continuing education classes, practical knowledge (budgeting, ADA requirements, etc), theory (current technology to move forward instead of doing it the same way year after year), creativity, management skills, people skills, cross-training in technical services and public services, subject knowledge, business skills, organizational management, leadership skills, teaching skills, understanding of research, understanding of the function of the university.

1) Goals and Objectives

The 1998-99 goals and objectives draft was distributed. A discussion was held to determine if the same format was suitable for 1999-2000 or if a different approach should be taken. It was suggested that Products for each objective be listed.  Any suggestions, corrections or updates should be sent to Carolyn or Martha by the morning of August 26. Accomplishments as of the end of 1998-99 should be submitted, similar to an annual report. The goals and objectives will be discussed at the next LMG meeting.
2) Guidelines for Library Web Development
A draft of the Library Web Development guidelines was distributed and discussed. A few minor changes had been incorporated into the final guidelines. (Those changes are highlighted on the attachment).  Committee members want to get the information out to web designers quickly so that library web pages are standardized prior to the start of the fall semester.
3) Divisional Reports
Martha Hruska reported that the SUS Library  Review group traveled to Atlanta to look at the systems Emory and Georgia State use. The group will be assessing what they saw and will put charts together with an abbreviated RFI form.
Martha also said that Elsevier is working to improve its electronic access to its publications. Mark Taylor conducted a mini-demonstration of it Wednesday.

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