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JULY 8, 1999

Members Present: Carol Turner, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Drum, Gary Cornwell, Rich Bennett, David Hickey, Bill Covey, Pat Mason, Barbara Oliver, Marcia Pearce, Rob Roberts, Carl Van Ness, Cathy Mook, Frank DiTrolio, Dot Hope, Erich Kesse, Martha Hruska, Pam Cenzer.

Meeting Manager: Dale Canelas

Facilitator: Trudi DiTrolio

Note: The special guest, Dr. Jane B. Robbins, was unable to attend due to travel delays. She will reschedule.

  1. Distribution of raise information

  2. Dale reported that the raise information will go out in the usual way; letters will be sent out soon.
    Dot asked if department heads will be given the raise information before it is distributed to employees. Dale said she will talk to the directors and make sure this happens.
  1. Changes to procedures for staff travel.

  2. Barbara explained the new travel procedures. Funds will be limited to $600 per person, and decisions dealing with who travels will be in the hands of the department heads.
    An account still needs to be set up for Erich Kesse and the DLC.
    Some concern was expressed that departments which have many staff members who travel will be placed at a disadvantage, because they will have less money than in previous years. Another topic of concern was that a $600 cap would be undesirable, and that this system offers less flexibility than in previous years. Barbara stated that, if we returned to the old method, travel would have to be prioritized by division, and would be on a first-come, first-served basis. The final consensus was that this process will be carried out for a year. At the end of the year, problems will be identified and recommendations will be made for the next year.
    Barbara also reported that we no longer need to fill out phone logs.
  3. Digital Library Center Update

  4. Erich passed out a printout (attached) of the DLC web page. On the reverse side is the organizational chart. Erich reported that Rob Roberts and John Ingram have been very helpful in allocating space for the DLC on the fourth floor of Smathers Library, adjacent to the LAC offices. Erich will be working with the various departments to make sure that the DLCs growth needs are met. Marcia asked about when Erich would like to start publicizing the DLC; Erich would like to start doing this when the DLC is fully staffed, which should be around the beginning of the fall semester. Erich will also provide an organizational chart with LP#s.
  5. G&E Bookstore

  6. Martha reported that the space right off the Smathers lobby in Preservation will be used for the Bookstore. The opening is tentatively scheduled for August 1; it will definitely be open by the beginning of the fall semester. It will initially be open three (3) days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) from 10am - 2pm. If it sees a lot of business, the hours may be increased. Steve Carrico and Pat Mason have been working on publicity for the Bookstore.
  7. Systems Liaison Training Update

  8. Trudi reported that the training sessions for Systems Liaisons will take place the second and third weeks of August. The training will be comprised of 3-day workshops which will be repeated throughout the two-week period. Trudi should be getting a course outline and syllabus from New Horizons today; she will then give this information to the department heads, along with a list of participants. The training sessions will be divided into modules. Trudi would like the department heads to make a list of each person who will be attending each module. This will allow Trudi to help anyone who misses a module due to sickness or other unforeseen event to make the module up. Pre- and post-tests will be given to attendees. Bill and Trudi will monitor these results, and give evaluations to the directors. The training will take place in the MSL conference room. Participation certificates will be given out at the end of the training period.
  9. Call for volunteers for LMG Agenda Committee

  10. Jan and Cathy volunteered. Frank DiTrolio will consult with CM staff.

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