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MAY 13, 1999

Members Present: Carl Van Ness, Rob Roberts, Carol Turner, Carol Drum, Gary Cornwell, Marcia Pearce, Barbara Oliver, Frank DiTrolio, Trudi DiTrolio, Jan Swanbeck, Bill Covey, Rich Bennett, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Dot Hope, Steve Carrico, Pam Cenzer.

Members Absent: Dale Canelas, Carolyn Henderson Allen

  1. Update on Status of Courtesy Borrowers

  2. Carol announced that the libraries will begin charging fees for courtesy borrowers, specifically those classified as members of the general public. Notifications will be sent out soon to those borrowers who are now subject to the fees.
  3. Status of Both Current and Upcoming Searches

  4. Pam Cenzer gave the status of several position searches:

    The Webmaster position has been filled. Christian Conrad started last week. This committee was chaired by Suzy Shaw.

    Interviews are being done for the Access Services Coordinator position. This committee is being chaired by David Fuller.

    One interview recommendation has been made for the Humanities Cataloguer. This committee is being chaired by Betsy Simpson.

    Interviews for the Library Personnel Officer position will start in late May or early June. This committee is being chaired by Dot Hope.

    The Serials and Electronic Resources Cataloger position has been offered to a candidate; no decision yet.

    References are being called for the MSL Evening Electronics position. This committee is being chaired by Pam Cenzer.

    No search committee has been formed yet for the GIS Librarian position, but Gary Cornwell has been asked to chair it.

    A search committee has been formed for the Public Information Officer position. It will be chaired by Jana Edwards.

    An internal search is in progress for the Assistant Chair of Special Collections.

    Pam also announced that Personnel can only handle six or seven searches at any given time.

  5. Gifts and Exchange Bookstore Proposal

  6. Steve Carrico announced that a storage room in East will soon be converted into a bookstore. As described in the proposal sent to LMG, initially only gift books would be sold there, and the store would operate all year. Signs will be put up in the lobby, and other publicity will be discussed later. This bookstore will not replace the yearly book sale, but the book sale will now operate on a smaller scale.
  7. Systems Liaison Training Recommendations Update

  8. Trudi and Bill met last week to discuss training for the Systems Liaisons. A representative from New Horizons will attend the Staff Development Committee meeting on Tuesday to discuss his proposal for training. Don Grossman from CIRCA will submit an alternative proposal.. Training sessions should be ready by July or August. The training will be for all Systems Liaisons.
  9. Florida Heritage Digitization Project

  10. Erich Kesse gave an update on the Florida Heritage Digitization Project. We are currently scanning documents for four institutions, and have just received funding for the University of West Florida. Institutions select 3,000 pages of documents concerning Florida heritage, history and culture, and UF scans them. Nothing has yet been received from West Florida. Almost 4,500 pages have been scanned for FSU, almost 3,000 pages have been scanned for UF, and 4,000 pages have been scanned for North Florida. North Florida went over the 3,000 limit because the project is coming in under budget. Funding will be available next year, so the project will continue. Items are now being sent to FCLA to mount on their server.
  11. Is Libnews Dead?

  12. Erich Kesse expressed concern that Libnews is not being used much. Rich Bennett will distribute the original Libnews guidelines to LMG. It was suggested that LibNews be used to announce staff training, search committee updates, trips and travel reports, staff degrees and awards, etc.
  13. Capital Campaign

  14. It was mentioned that some staff feel uncomfortable about being asked to donate to the Capital Campaign, and would like to have a better idea of where money donated to the Libraries would go. It was suggested that a list be created which showed Foundation funds, and how money is used in each. It was also suggested that the staff development fund be available to the Staff Development Committee for allocation. It was pointed out that it was important to acknowledge donations and let donors how their contributions are used. It was also noted that donors lists should be made available so that staff could see that library management is donating money, and thus might be more likely to give themselves.
  15. Division Reports

  16. Martha announced that a group from USF was here yesterday to investigate our shelf-ready procedures.

    Martha also announced that positions will be created and space will be sought for the Digital Library Center.

    Martha will be attending a workshop on Electronic Theses and Dissertations at Virginia Tech next week.

  17. Announcements

  18. Marcia Pearce would like to look into establishing a memorial fund for retired librarians, directors, and others who do a lot of work with the libraries.

    Marcia also announced that the libraries received a gift agreement from William Goza. The gift was an annuity of $30,000 for the PK Younge Library Florida History Program.

    Pam announced that annual evaluations are coming up, and that sample packets should be mailed in the next week.

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