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FEBRUARY 11, 1999

Members Present: Carol Drum, Carol Turner, Dale Canelas, David Hickey, Dorothy Hope, Erich Kesse, Marcia Pearce, Martha Hruska, Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Gary Cornwell, Carolyn Henderson Allen, John Ingram, Jan Swanbeck, Frank Di Trolio, Barbara Oliver, Pam Cenzer, Rob Roberts

Meeting Manager: Dale Canelas

Facilitator: Trudi DiTrolio

1. BOR/Union Contract Negotiations

Carolyn Henderson Allen presented several changes being proposed by the Board of Regents and the Union.

2. Digital Library Center Report Revision

Martha Hruska reported that there have been some changes in Digital Library Report. Most of the changes occurred in the organization section, as it was determined that many of the activities taking place were being handled by the reprographic and preservation departments. Discussions are still being held to determine how to bring everything together. Erich Kesse said the entire reprographics staff would move to the digital center, even if they don't do digitization. It hasn't yet been determined how the rest of the Preservation staff would fit in. The Digital Library is not just a technical service project. It will affect the whole library and change what and how many projects are completed. Carolyn said that in the long run it might be classified as a real center that involves FCLA and other SUS schools. In that case it would be slightly attached to the library, but would be a separate entity in terms of funding and staffing. Dale remarked that a line would need to be drawn between what part of the center would be UF's and what parts wouldn't. She said it would be interesting to have it as a UF Center. It would be much like FCLA and University Presses, which work as a UF Center, and as a center for other universities to use.

3. Signage Update

Rob Roberts reported that there have been two revisions to the signage schedule. He thought the last one would be the final revision, but there were several incorrect items. Those items have been corrected and returned.

He also reported that old signs were being temporarily used in Smathers because staff members were putting up paper signs.

4. Gift Opportunities List

Carol Turner said that all potential gift opportunity ideas were put in a standard format, but the individual requests have not yet been evaluated. Dale said it was difficult to prioritize items on the lists because they represent a wide range of items and interests, but it is probably possible to determine which items are more important than others.

Rich Bennett asked if anyone knew of another university that created endowed department chair positions. Martha Hruska suggested a donor might be interested in endowing the Collection Management director position.

Carol Turner said the charge was to create a list of needs for the Foundation to use in its capital campaign. Only 10-20 items will be sent to the foundation. The library could create specialized pamphlets, however, to target specific donor interests for other gift opportunities.

5. Division Reports

Carol passed around the finished Cartobibliography. It has been well received.

Martha reported that the Florida Newspaper grant was supposed to be finished by May, but the project was delayed because of a vacancy in the catalog department.

The electronic theses and dissertations are currently available in electronic form. Eventually they will be put on the FCLA server. At this point, most students are opting to have their papers accessible only at UF.

  1. Announcements
Marcia Pearce will be hosting a Colleague Connection on development on March 23.

Pat Mason has been appointed as the library public relations officer.

Dale discussed the upcoming SUS Directors meeting being held here on March 1 and 2. Among items to be discussed is whether or not the directors were going to ask the state to meet specific needs in the libraries. She said the directors haven't received a report from the subcommittee evaluating a new system. Martha said that the subcommittee thought they were ready to submit the report, but at the last minute changes were brought forward. The group is trying to meet again before the directors meet. Carol Turner said that the SUS public services subcommittee discussed a fear of losing things the libraries have and need, but they understood that they can't stay with the system that is currently in place.

Martha said that the RFI was conducted to get an indication of what the marketplace held and the approximate costs. She said now the group needs to inform the directors that the initial cost estimates were high-end and provide them with ballpark figures for everyone to look at.

There was an ongoing discussion about the advantages and disadvantages to considering FCLA as a provider for the new system. Many felt that the current FCLA staff wouldn't be able to handle the amount of work that was required without hiring additional staff and funding, but they also felt that FCLA will still have a role.

Future Agenda Items:

Task Force Reports

Interim Gift Opportunity List

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