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DECEMBER 17, 1998

Members Present: Carol Drum, Carol Turner, Dale Canelas, David Hickey, Dorothy Hope, Erich Kesse, Marcia Pearce, Martha Hruska, Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Gary Cornwell, Carolyn Henderson Allen, John Ingram, Jan Swanbeck, Frank Di Trolio, Barbara Oliver

Members Absent: Rob Roberts, Tom Cetwinski

Guest: Blake Landor
Meeting Manager: Dale Canelas
Facilitator: Trudi DiTrolio

1.    Digital Center

    Martha Hruska discussed the creation of a Digital Center. An advisory group has been formed. Martha said the project is an example of creating something out of few resources. The success of the project will depend on outside funding and the group is looking into finding grants and donors. Funds received through these means will determine the scale of the project.

    Blake Landor asked what standards would be used for scanning the items marked for digitalization. He said that Humanities has a specific standard. He also said that while marking up for HTML works well for small amounts of material, it may not work well for large volumes of material. In the draft of the proposal, a better description of the standards will be included.

    Erich Kesse said that the FCLA digital library was growing, but FCLA cannot support all the digitalizations.

    Martha said they would like the digital center to have a physical space set aside for it, probably in Library East, although the details on how to do that are still being worked out.

2.    LMG Agenda Committee
    Trudi DiTrolio announced that the current agenda committee members' six-month term was now over and a new committee hadn't been appointed. In forming a new committee it was suggested that LMG members should suggest improvements or changes they thought would benefit the new group.

    Erich Kesse, Gary Cornwell and Frank DiTrolio, who served on the last committee, shared their views. They said the idea of the committee worked, although it was sometimes difficult to get agenda ideas from people. Frank suggested that the issues addressed should be library-wide and that the ideas should probably come from department heads and the directors.

    Martha suggested having a running list of future agenda items included with each agenda. Other ideas included topical forums and divisional reports from the directors.

    The final decision was that the committee would continue with some changes, including adding a list of future agenda items. Gary, Erich and Frank agreed to serve another term on the committee.

3.    Announcements
Carolyn announced that Tom Cetwinski was leaving and Pam Cenzer volunteered to take over as Acting Head of Personnel.
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