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NOVEMBER 12, 1998

Members Present: Carol Drum, Carol Turner, Dale Canelas, David Hickey, Dorothy Hope, Erich Kesse, Marcia Pearce, Rob Roberts, Martha Hruska, Rich Bennett, Tom Cetwinski, Bill Covey, Gary Cornwell, Carolyn Henderson Allen, John Ingram

Members Absent: Frank Di Trolio, Trudi DiTrolio, Barbara Oliver

Meeting Manager: Dale Canelas
Facilitator: Mary Gay Anderson

1. Division Updates:

Signage Update: Rob Roberts reported that all directors and department heads had reviewed and corrected the signage schedule prepared by the consultants. He then went through the package with the consultants and they are now determining the new cost.

Rob said he had also gotten a package for exterior signs. What was presented was basically the UF-approved sign enlarged, at a cost of $3,000 per sign. Rob has asked Physical Plant for a quote on what they would charge for exterior signs. He also said he feels additional signs are needed other than the main sign on the street.

Security: Rob reported that the interviews with security companies were over and he is ready to meet with the committee to determine which company to hire. The committee's recommendation will then be taken to the directors.

2. Lombardi's address to the Staff Association
Dale asked what the general opinion was of President Lombardi's presentation to the Library Staff Association. The general opinion was that at this point he would not approve funding for a new library building. More space is needed for storage.

Gary Cornwell suggested that perhaps the library could come up with a leading edge plan that would incorporate room for storage in it. One example was combining a storage facility with a digital facility.

Erich Kesse suggested trying to find another college or division to partner with us and share space, such as a business library.   There was general discussion about different ways to approach the problem. Other discussions included where a new building would be located if it were approved. If it were placed north of Library West, at least half of the library's parking lot would be gone. The Plaza of the Americas cannot be encroached upon, so that limits expanding to the south of Library West. A structural study would need to be done to determine if additional space could be added to the top of the library.   Dale said the main problem is that the library is infrastructure that competes against the departments, divisions, etc that make the university's reputation.
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