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OCTOBER 8, 1998

Members Present: Carol Drum, Carol Turner, Dale Canelas, David Hickey, Dorothy Hope, Erich Kesse, Marcia Pearce, Rob Roberts, Barbara Oliver, Martha Hruska, Rich Bennett, Tom Cetwinski, Jan Swanbeck, Bill Covey, Gary Cornwell, Carolyn Henderson Allen, Barry Hartigan, Pam Cenzer, John Ingram

Members Absent: Frank Di Trolio, Trudi DiTrolio, Carl VanNess

1.    Capital Campaign/Corporate Weekend Update

     Marcia Pearce announced that two and a half years ago, the university's goal was to raise $500 million. To date $413 million has already been raised. The library's goal was $5 million and so far $870,000 has been raised.
    She also reported that attendance at the annual Corporate Leaders Weekend was low because of the hurricane. This was the first time in eight years the library had hosted the corporate weekend. Dinner was held in Room 100 of Smathers Library. There was also a presentation on the business library.
2.    Changes to the New Staff Orientation
    Tom Cetwinski reported that staff orientation was held once a quarter or when there were eight new employees. The orientation followed the path a book takes in the library. Tom said a new focus was needed and Trudi DiTrolio was in the process of developing a new format for the orientation. Two new items added to the orientation are sessions on how to use email and a customer service workshop.
3.    Division Update Proposal
    Discussion was held to determine if division level directors should give updates on their division, or if someone should be assigned to give updates at the LMG meetings. Another option was to pick a division to report at each meeting.

    Gary Cornwell said that the idea behind the proposal was that division directors would know what was happening in their areas and could then assign someone to report.

    Erich Kesse suggested that the group should stay goal-oriented. That way the director would report on that specific goal.

    Jan Swanbeck said the updates are needed so that everyone knows what is going on in other departments. Martha Hruska suggested rotating the reports and have them built into the agenda.

    After general discussion, it was decided that the directors would be reporting on specific goals that are added to the LMG agenda. The agenda committee will e-mail the directors to get agenda items.

4.    Library Web Design and Policy Committee
    Martha discussed changes in the policy of web page design. She said we need to look at redesigning all Library web pages and suggested setting quarterly deadlines to make sure a page is established by next fall.

    She acknowledged that with such a large group it would be difficult to include everyone in every meeting, but that it is important for all areas to be included.

5.    Weeding Update
    Carolyn Henderson Allen reported that 6500 linear feet of shelving must be cleared. This will be accomplished by pulling Library of Congress numbered books off the third, fourth and fifth floors. Following that, Dewey numbered books will be worked on. Books moved out during these projects will be withdrawn to storage and limited storage. Some materials will be sent to special collection and /or to other SUS institutions. Gary Cornwell will review the reference area.

    The best space option for staging is in the back of the staff lounge. Computers from the staff lounge could be moved to the room next to the conference room.

    In order to do this temporary shelving will be needed. Space is also needed in Smathers.

    People will need to set aside part of their day to review the stacks. When they are doing this, patrons should not be referred to them because it is distracting.

    The decision to begin the project with the Library of Congress books was made because that is where space is the tightest. The Dewey section hasn't really grown. By starting with the Library of Congress books, it will create room for a shift.

6.    Announcements
Gary Cornwell brought up the score card for the library. Dale Canales said she used comparative statistics, using the E&G budget because it was the closest go the libraries. She said she was unable to gather statistics this year because the US Department of Statistics changed its stats.
Carolyn said that periodically the library is asked to provide goals and objectives. Dale reported that the UF Administration was impressed with the library's ability to put a web page up in three months. The library is perceived as not flashy but steady.
Martha indicated that we should be able to determine what we are spending on electronic resources and then develop an evaluation process.

Carol Turner also stated that the courier is getting items to users faster than ever. This is soft money. We need to make people aware of this resource.

Martha announced that Gartner Group has been sold to Net G. This means there will be no more new Gartner Group learning materials. UF has a three-year contract with Gartner and is now in negotiation with Net G. Gartner is used mostly by the staff, not students.

Martha also reported that the SUS systems review committee is upgrading the Notis System. The goal is to get an RFI to send to vendors this fall. The Chancellor received a ballpark price for a new system--$10 million. Dale said she did not think there was an amendment to the BOR Budget for $10 million.

A discussion was held to determine if we were going to move to a new system that would allow us to do more things.

David Hickey announced that next week community college users will be able to register for our library services. It was suggested that registration wait until the BOR approves community college borrowing.

Marcia Pearce presented the library case statement. She encouraged feedback.

Dot Hope reported that the Library Book Sale would be held October 14, 1998.

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