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AUGUST 13, 1998

Members Present: Pam Cenzer for Carol Drum, Carol Turner, Carolyn Henderson Allen, Dale Canelas, David Hickey, Michele Crump for Dorothy Hope, Erich Kesse, Marcia Pearce, Frank DiTrolio, Rich Bennett, Tom Cetwinski, Trudi DiTrolio--facilitator, Dolores Jenkins, Jan Swanbeck, Bill Covey, Carl VanNess for John Ingram

Members Absent: Rob Roberts, Barbara Oliver, Martha Hruska

1.    Web LUIS/LUIS ILL Module:

    Rich Bennett reported on the new Web LUIS/LUIS ILL function which enables requesting online any item listed in a library catalog or citation database.

    With a WebLUIS/LUIS record displaying, users can select the command for requesting via ILL. They will be prompted for their 14-digit library card number for each request. If they are in a patron category that does not have ILL privileges, they are not allowed to display the form.

    Although the system does not block a UF user from requesting an item held locally, ILL staff will not retrieve those items if they are submitted. These requests will be treated just as any other item submitted erroneously.

    If a user includes an email address on the form, a confirmation will be immediately sent for the requestor's records.

    A major advantage of this this system is that it pulls patron information and document information together so the user does not have to type it all in. This system will make it easier on the ILL staff also since citation information will be much more readable and reliable than much information now submitted.

    Not included - If something is not in the database there is no form to fill out. The article or book must be in the database.

2.    Staff Association Open Forum:
Tom Cetwinski and Trudi Di Trolio held an open forum on August 5 to see if there was an interest in developing a staff association. Fifteen people were there, one from the health center and three to four from Law.
The general feeling was that the staff association wanted to generate a feeling of "community" within the library staff.

A team was formed to look into the matter. The team includes Jan Swanbeck, Claudia Pecone from Law, Russ Fairman, and Peter Bushnell.

Jan Swanbeck stated that the team is meeting next Tuesday. This meeting is to see where the group will go.

Bill Covey said there is a need to look at this to see if it is really wanted. He said the idea has been tried and has failed before.

Erich Kesse said such a group could help with morale building and he was satisfied with the initial purpose.

3.     Sustained Performance Evaluations:
Tom Cetwinski stated that guidelines in place will be implemented in January 99. Faculty required to submit packets will be informed by Tom as well as their chair and division director.

Rich Bennett asked what the committee would do.

Tom replied that the committee reviews annual evaluations, assignments and activity reports for the past seven years. The committee identifies consist deficiencies for the chair to address. The chair and the faculty member prepare an improvement plan, if necessary. Otherwise the committee informs the chair that performance is satisfactory.

The Union mandates that it be done.

Every college has tried to make the process as simple as possible.

Dolores Jenkins added that it is to help those who have a deficiency.

Dale Canelas said that the Legislature always hears stories about faculty with deficincies.

4. Announcements:
Carol stated that the LSTA grant was awarded to documents.

As part of the grant, Documents is creating a web site for libraries in Florida for government information and census information. The purpose is so every library does not have to recreate the wheel to give access to government information.

Dale Canelas stated that Marcia Pearce is the active fundraiser for us now. Dale added that the fall bash originally scheduled for October 23 is postponed and will be held in the spring. Dale also said that the Corporate Leaders Weekend is taking place in September.

Marcia Pearce talked about the Corporate Leaders Weekend. Marcia said that almost 300 people - CEO's from Fortune 500 companies will attend. Most of these people are already involved at UF and the others we hope to get involved. She added that this is the first year that the library is involved. Marcia finished off by saying the event is on September 25.

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