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JUNE 11, 1998

Members Present: Carol Drum, Carol Turner, Carolyn Henderson Allen, Dale Canelas, David Hickey, Dolores Jenkins, Dorothy Hope, Erich Kesse, Frank DiTrolio, John Ingram, Martha Hruska, Rich Bennett, Rob Roberts, Stacy Wall, Tom Cetwinski, Trudi DiTrolio, Helen Jane Armstrong

Members Absent: Barbara Oliver, Barry Hartigan, Bill Covey, Gary Cornwell, Jan Swanbeck, Stacey Marsh

1.    Strategic Objective and Mission Statement:

The status of the 1997-1998 Strategic Objectives will remain posted for review and comment.
    There was discussion on whether there should be more hours for the library. However, head counts at night between 3:00AM and 7:00AM found 25 people in the library and most of them were sleeping. Because of low use, security problems, and the 1 percent statistic, the libraries had decided against 24 hour service. Furthermore, students and faculty have access to the web without being in the library.

    Carol Drum suggested that the word "Work" be changed to "Explore" in A.12. from the 1998/1999 Strategic Objectives. Also, under part C, add the Gartner Group materials.  There wa a discussion about working with the university  to implement the Gartner Group materials housed in the libraries as well a implementing access to these services.

    There was a discussion about the need to add the remote authentication to electronic resources.  Furthermore, the issue of Shands access was addressed.  It was suggested that Shands could have a patron group category, like the USDA.  This was added as a future agenda item.

    For Goal 2.F., time lines need to be added.

    Goal 3.C. needs to incorporate the Gartner Group materials into staff development. Update electronic competencies document.

2.    Performance Criteria:
Carolyn Henderson Allen discussed the proposal for Criteria and Ranking. She addressed Betty Capaldi's memo about the need to review departmental merit criteria to begin raise process.

One of the issues was factoring in national comparisions of salaries.  Twenty to 30 people are 30-40% below the national standard.  The following will be used for salary ranking scale:

5- $9,800 under the national average
4- $8,700
3- $6,500
2- $4,300
1- $2,100

After discussion, the 1-5 ranking system was chosen.  The same definitions for the 10-point scale will be used for the 5-point scale.  The highest number will be the best as in the following:

1-Average or below
3- Superior

    Consensus was reached concerning the weight of each of the criteria: 70% for performance, 10% for national comparison of salaries, 10% for years in the SUS, and 10% for years in rank.

     Carolyn Henderson Allen will send out this information with packets for each department for a vote. If there are any problems get back to her immediately.

     There was some confusion to the assignment of job categories, such as Functional Specialists and Systems Personnel.  Public Services is in Reference.  Technical Services is in Cataloging.  Subject specialists are biographers.  This is exactly the same as last time.  Selectors, as a primary assignment, would be "Other".  It was decided that each department uses its best judgment of the job category.

    Departmental rankings must be returned by 10:30AM on Tuesday, June 16, 1998. This is all due to Tigert Hall by 4:00PM Friday, June 19, 1998.

3.    Status of Ergonomics in the Libraries:
    Personnel has been inundated with requests for ergonomic reviews in the past year. They've done 45 evaluations: 16 new staff, 29 specifics, and 19 scheduled. There have been three ergonomic coordinators in the past year. There is a video available on request from Personnel. There are also ergonomic workshops scheduled on a regular basis.
4.    Review of the recommendations from the Staff Organizations Task Force Report:
The group reviewed and updated the Staff Organization Task Force Report.  Considered whether Library Management Group  should take the report further and who would spearhead the effort.  A ballot was suggested.  Money handling was addressed as a major concern.

The point was raised that the UFLA social organization wanted speakers for staff development careers now.  This was addressed as causing a morale problem.  There was discussion about how it used to be more social with intermingling opportunities that have been lost.

The issue of staff time was discussed.

It was recommended that the task force reconvene with the help of the staff development officer and then have an open forum meeting.

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