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May 14, 1998

Members Present: Carolyn Allen, Tom Cetwinski, Barbara Oliver, Jan Swanbeck, Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, Bill Covey, Carol Drum, Barry Hartigan, David Hickey, Dot Hope, Mary Gaye Anderson, John Ingram, Rob Roberts, Erich Kesse, Martha Hruska, Carol Turner, StacyWall

Members Absent: Dale Canelas, Michelle Crump, Stacey Marsh, Suzanne Brown, Robena Cornwell, Ed Teague

1.    Update of this years' goals and objectives
(For review see Library Staff "Toolbox", Strategic Plan, Mission Objectives, etc.)
Carolyn Henderson Allen suggested that number six of the goals and objectives be modified by an attachement.  The instructions are on the web.

S.b.3. needs to be modified, because three is not followed.

2.    Librarian Salary Setting
Betty Capaldi's memo on the need to review departmental merit criteria to begin raise process was discussed. It included 3% increase for "normal" salary and 9% promotional increase. The compression study was also reviewed and guidelines were given.  It was decided that thesewere going to be tested and any feedback should be returned to the group.

Faculty Merit Criteria for the distribution of salaries (in Career Development Handbook) was discussed. There should be a consensus.

The University of Florida Libraries ranking scale (attached) was also discussed.

The goal was to start early instead of scrambling at the end.  It was decided that the group will have two weeks to review the materials and then email Carolyn Henderson Allen with any comments.

It was proposed to use criteria in career development and not individual department criteria in order to maintain consistency.  It was decided that this should be discussed with faculty and staff and then developed into a model for LMG.

There were  questions on A&P and USPS and Tom Cetwinski reported that there will be standard, across the board raises.

They will fund; TIP and PEP. Seven years of service is eligible. Possibly two awards.

It was announced that there was a possibility that the Provost would apply some of her savings to salaries, but this is not certain.

 3.    Faculty Assignment Reports
Tom Cetwinski reported on the Faculty Assignment Reports.  He commented that the library is always behind schedule.

These reports are completed by the faculty at start of the semester. The Department Chair keeps them on file. At the end of the semester, the Department Chair signs and files them with personnel.

There was some discussion about the new form at the personnel office.  Martha Hruska suggested that personnel send a reminder to LMG about the forms at the beginning of the semester.

4.    Review of the document, "Guidelines for Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces"
This document can be found at
Rich Bennett led the discussion. There was discussion about establishing smaller groups to bring back ideas to the larger group.  The process was established for efficiency.  There was discussion about modifying the process to make it more useful, and it was decided there should be modifications if communications in the library can be improved.
The revised LMG document should cover updates on the LMG agenda.  The Task Force Agenda Group will start keeping track of committees.  There was discussion about adding electronic components.
5.    Reports and Announcements
Tom Cetwinski
The safe payroll has been moved. Checks for students found must be returned toTallahassee. Student checks will be kept for a week, then returned to Personnel.
Gary Cornwell
Xerox will deliver the machines in two and a half days. There will be 25 machines. There are 400,000 free copies at a loss of $40,000.

As far as refunds are concerned, Capital Copy does not keep money here. This is a problem for staff.

Coin and card readers are not ready. There are no cards or dispensers yet. They will start with coin readers as soon as possible. There might be temporary cards.

In 21-30 days all machines should be here. Printers are on the same schedule: three to five weeks for full installation.

Phone lines for Xerox should be installed today or tomorrow.

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