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February 26, 1998

A Proposal for Discussion

A review of the LMG purpose and how it functions provides an opportunity to modify the current structure to better serve the needs of the library and its' staff. Given the work being done within the functional divisions, the LMG has changed much of its operating modes. The functional divisions are designed to develop methods for completing assignments, establish work priorities within the division, develop procedures and ensure cohesion among all areas with related concerns.

The LMG was originally established to provide discussion of and advice on administrative policy, plans, priorities, and programs on a broad or library wide basis. It is important that LMG continue to assure communication and coordinate action in matters of significance, which need a common understanding of purpose and objective.

While much of the LMG functions are still valuable; there is increased need to establish new norms with the goal of cohesive and structured implementation of the strategic goals and objectives, especially action plans which cross divisions.

In realizing our vision, the LMG must incorporate methods to effectively market the libraries' services, ensure user satisfaction, provide relevant programs that support teaching and learning, and ensure staff are trained and committed to goal completion within specified time frames.

It is important to have a firm commitment from all levels of management to realize the goals and to provide services that are supportive of the university mission. It is also essential that all personnel participate and understand his/her role in within the context of the overall strategic initiatives.

Proposed Purpose: The LMG serves as the coordinating and policy recommending body of the library. Its responsibilities include the development and implementation of the library strategic objectives, provision of effective and timely responses to university initiatives that may affect library policy and development of methods to ensure smooth transitions when mandated by the university. On an annual basis, it will provide advice to the director about library operating priorities through review of the library-operating budget. On a quarterly basis it reviews budget allocations and when necessary, provides advice on where additional and or revised strategies for funding may be necessary in order to maintain effective operations.

Proposed Membership:Directors, Department Chairs, Office Heads and 1 Asst. Chair (or other individual as determined by the director) from the Collection Management Department.

Proposed Frequency of meetings:The LMG shall meet quarterly or as needed to determine policy or to discuss issues that may have library wide implications.

Proposed Operations: The LMG ensures coordination among the functional divisions through liaison relationships formed by the membership and staff depending upon expertise or interest. LMG representatives shall form task forces and/or committees to work on specified areas of the strategic plan. LMG members shall chair the task forces/committees and appropriate staff shall be assigned as indicated above. Where issues require outside input, appropriate faculty from the university community will be invited to assist with program design and or implementation.

Proposed Reporting: Progress reports from each task force or committee will be made to the full group at the quarterly meetings.

Proposed Communications to Staff: LMG shall have open forum discussion and presentation of activities taking place throughout the library. Department chairs and Office Heads shall be responsible for scheduling the forums and determining topics of interest to be presented. Forums shall be presented quarterly.

Guests: Guests may be invited to attend the LMG meetings in order to provide information and or guidance to the members based upon expertise.

Style of Conducting the Meetings: A facilitator will be used to oversee the process and to ensure that all members are polled to provide agenda items for each meeting. A recorder shall take minutes for the group.

Chair: The Director of University Libraries

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