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December 12, 1997

Present: Rich Bennett, Dale Canelas, Stacey Carr, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Bill Covey, Michele Crump for Dot Hope, Carol Drum, Sam Gowan, Barry Hartigan, Carolyn Henderson, David Hickey, Martha Hruska, Barbara Oliver, Phek Su, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner.

Absent: Rich Bennett, John Ingram and Erich Kesse

Library Fundraising Report- Stacey Carr

Stacey distributed a handout to the group. This handout provided a detailed description of each of the components of the fund raising program. The fund raising program consists of five components. They are listed as follows:

1. Annual Gifts--gifts under $10,000

2. Capital Campaign--a regional campaign which is done every five years.

UF goal for the current campaign is $500 million. The libraries' goal for this current campaign is $5 million
3. Planned Gifts--are the deferred giving, trusts, wills, etc.

4. Corporation Gifts--gifts of $1000,000 +
5.  Major Gifts--gifts of $100,000
A major gifts committee was established for the Smathers Libraries that will assist in identifying prospects and increase donations. The major gifts committee members are: Joan Ruffier, UFF Board; Carolyn Roberts, UFF Board; Robert Q. Marston, UFF Board; Bruce Smathers, son of George Smathers; Margaret Goggin, Howe Society and Georgia Wahl, a friend of George Smathers. Stacey emphasized a need for representation in South Florida.

Stacey is provided a weekly status report of fundraising activities and donors which allows her to keep abreast and to follow up with donor contact.

The George A. Smathers Libraries' 1997-98 annual goal is $500,00. Receipts to date total $108,472.

The Foundation will conduct an annual tel-a-thon to increase contributions. Stacey requests from the group general ideas for future gifts. Gary recommended a little competition between Joe Paterno and Steve Spurrier to help raise monies for the library.

Electronic Collection Committee - Sam Gowan

The SUS electronic collection is undergoing a major transition. This transition actually started about two years ago when the committee tried to reach consensus about general SUS wide databases. The variety among the universities academic program and the library budgets makes it extremely difficult to settle only on one specific group of general databases and, at the same time, meet local programmatic needs. When the committee began to research more specialized databases, the major impediment with greatest difficulty was the formula to which the state and library agreed to pay the payment formula. This formula divided the cost of all databases mounted by FCLA among the SUS libraries based on each libraries' state allocation. Obviously, the smaller universities without substantial graduate programs, UNF, UWF and the medical and law libraries, didn't want to pay for non-general databases that would not be heavily used in their location. How to define the common good became the question. The question was mostly sidestepped by an alternative development: the mini-consortia. Except for Lexis, the mini-consortia method is responsible for most of the SUS acquisitions made during the past year: Elsevier Engineering Village, Cambridge Scientific, and several of the Eureka databases. Under this method, libraries respond to a vendor proposal by declaring interest and, then, the group that selects to join in the proposal negotiates the deal and the payment division.

Sam feels a great interest in the Florida Market for the electronic collection vendors because the market is potentially huge and developing rapidly. The key element for future negotiations is the quality of evaluation undertaken by the participating libraries. The retention decision is what will count: to retain or not will be important for future negotiations to improve services and reduce costs. For instance, we are canceling several multi-user licenses with Silver Platter because the firm can not provide adequate web based services. We are developing an Ovid trial to assess the possibility of replacing Silver Platter products completely, because of poor service for Silver Platter. In other words, the SUS ECC is evolving into an effective buying consortium that has been able to develop a good working relationship with FCLA, a more flexible approach to dealing with inherent differences and needs among the SUS libraries. It should concentrate on becoming an effective instrument for evaluating various products and disseminating the results of these evaluations.

Proposal for Future LMG - Carolyn Henderson

A copy of the 1991 version of the LMG purpose was distributed. Carolyn proposed changes based on the changing functions of LMG. The proposed changes included the frequency of meetings, the proposal of sub-committees to resolve departmental concerns, problems or issues. These proposed changes would allow the current LMG to concentrate on administrative policy making. The floor was open for discussion. A proposal will be drafted and submitted for review for the next LMG.

Changes to the Employee Assistance Program - Carolyn Henderson

Carolyn received a memo from Betty Capaldi concerning the Employee Assistance Program. Carolyn proposed the following questions, should a supervisor who is having performance problems with an employee due to personal problems refer the employee to the employee relations program? Should the supervisor refer the employee to local agencies that will help the employee? Should we go through Employee Relations at the stadium? The floor was open for discussion. Should the department chair recommend employee to resources outside of the Employee Relations Program? How does this committee feel? Carolyn asked that the committee think this over and be ready for future discussion.

Future Agenda Items

1. Dale will appear before the Network Advisory Committee in reference to authentication and sign in issues on computers used in the library.

2.  Change in the order of items 2 and 3 on the agenda.

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