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September 25, 1997

Members Present: Rich Bennett, Dale Canelas, Stacey Carr, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Bill Covey, Michele Crump for Dot Hope, Carol Drum, Sam Gowan, Barry Hartigan, Carolyn Henderson, David Hickey, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Murdoch Shaw, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner.

Members Absent: Barbara Oliver

1.    State Activities - Dale Canelas and Sam Gowan

Dale reported on the issues being discussed statewide in several venues: the SUS Directors, FCLA Board and CCLN Board and the Florida Triangle Group. All of these groups had meeting in mid-September and in some cases decisions are being made that affect the operations of the libraries.

She asked Sam to report on the meeting of the Florida Research Library Consortium (colloquially known as the Triangle).

The Florida Research Library Consortium meeting included the three (3) directors and three (3) coordinators of the triangle. The general purpose for this meeting was an attempt to assess what the triangle accomplished during its first year, what problems had prevented it from accomplishing all that we wanted, and what it's future goals and objectives should be.

By the end of the first year, only two teams had agreed to form a cooperative agreement. (The agreement is an attempt to designated a specific area where one of the library will take the responsibility for building a collection either accessing or acquiring at the research level). One team has disbanded itself. (Marine Science wants to form a cooperative agreement however; they are having considerable difficulty determining just what each to the schools can/should agrees to provide in perpetrate.

The coordinators' analysis uncovered a list of problems that are significant and possibly difficult to overcome. During its first year there were four (4) research teams: Marines Science, Anthropology, French Studies and Theatre Studies. Among the problems are:

Identification of research level materials. Very few SUS libraries have not evaluated their collections hence staff is not trained nor do they have the time to carry out these analytic projects.

Expedited delivery of shared collections. The interlibrary Loan Library group was unable to design a resource sharing arrangement that would provide expedited service to triangle members. They could not perform the task they were given: to open the resources of the three libraries and operate as if they were as if they were one central library.

The schools have written a memorandum of understanding to govern the program's structure. It is modeled on the North Carolina Triangle and envisions a governing board on which a provost might sit. However, for the time being, only the Council of Directors will govern the program.

The groups discussed forming a joint collection for the new Ph.D. and Masters' program that are being created over the next five years. These will include Classics, Biophysics, and Biostatistics for UF. The next step will be developing a template to serve as the guide for collection policies that will govern the program.

Dale went on to report on both the SUS Library Council and the FCLA/CCLA meeting. Both groups are talking about:

  • Electronic collections--how to increase and manage them,
  • Distance learners-- how to serve them effectively and expeditiously with access to collections (both electronic and paper), how to deliver paper materials to distance learners, and reciprocal borrowing agreements that will make library services available to learners who may be at a considerable distance from the school they are enrolled in. This report generated a lively discussion by LMG members.
  • 2.    Community Campaign - Carol Turner
    Carol announced that the community campaign would begin on September 29th and run through October 10th. She asked for the help of LMGers to get the program off and running. Somehow Carol had been left off the list of university coordinators and she was given no information about this year's campaign until the day before the LMG meeting. If there is sufficient staff to stuff them, she said that flyers would be distributed on the following day with paychecks. We will have just about one month to reach our goal. She will need a person in each department to distribute and retrieve pledge cards. Dale asked if the Department Chairs could not ask for volunteers and notify Carol of the name by Friday afternoon or Monday morning. They readily agreed. Carol proposed holding a staff event modeled on last year's "the Chocolate Challenge" whose theme might be "The Desert Challenge!" The goal this year is to achieve 100 percent participation from the faculty and staff and to excel in dollars.
    3.    The New WebLUIS - Rich Bennett
    The new WebLUIS will be implemented on Tuesday, September 30 in order to support the delivery of the new Elsevier journal database. The new WebLUIS has a web-like interface and new features. You can experiment with the current version of New WebLUIS by going to the WebLUIS Home page at and selecting WebLUIS- New features to test. Rich welcomes any feedback.
     4.    Future Agenda Items
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