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May 8, 1997

Present: Dale Canelas, Rich Bennett, Stacey Carr, Gary Cornwell, Bill Covey, Carol Drum. Carolyn Henderson, David Hickey, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Murdoch Shaw, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner.

Absent: Sam Gowan, Dot Hope, Mari Marsh

1.    Budget

Barbara discussed the University’s new salary management plan. The plan includes an automated accounting system. All University Departments are responsible for managing dollars and rate in the three pay plans (Faculty, A&P, USPS). Rate may be moved from any pay plan into another. This system provides departments with greater flexibility in managing funds and positions.
    The downside of the plan is that departments are now responsible for covering all terminations, overtime, promotions, and new hires within the dollars and rate available in the existing pools. Another hindrance occurs when a long-term employee leaves a position. The library may find that the line will have to remain vacant until the terminal leave has been paid.

    All of our positions for FY 97/98 have been established at the minimum of the pay range for USPS and A&P. Faculty lines do not have established stated minimums. The library will have to carefully monitor the salary budgets in order to maintain a reasonable balance among salaries and ensure that we do not exceed the dollars and rate available in the pool.

2.    Changes in Hiring Procedure – Tom Cetwinski
 USPS Hiring Procedures and Salary Guidelines (P-19, PPM; were discussed, particularly paragraph VI. Paragraph VI established salaries for personnel based on previous experience and educational level. It was noted that experience must be directly relevant to the essential job function to be considered. While there was general agreement that a salary increase needs to be granted for promotions, a predetermined percentage over current salary was not fiscally responsible. Increases for promotions internal to the Smathers Libraries would be determined based upon the employee's current salary or at base of the new position as indicated in the SUS pay plan. In addition, when a position becomes vacant, Business Services will bring the line to base, transferring excess rate/dollars for use as needed to follow the guidelines. It was also noted that no salary adjustment would occur for internal demotions initiated by the library as a result of organizational restructuring. An internal demotion initiated by the employee would be subject to salary guidelines as set forth in the procedure. There may be no salary adjustments for USPS lateral transfers.
3.    Tenure Packages – Dale Canelas
Dale Canelas said that she had been asked to find ways of clarifying librarians’ T&P packets. Now that the packets follow the general university process, faculty who have little knowledge of the range of work librarians do or relative levels of difficulty, find themselves evaluating matters that tend to be spelled out in library jargon. They have tried to be very fair, but they have some difficulty in weighting specific accomplishments and matching then to the accomplishment required for academic faculty to be promoted to the same ranks. Professor David Colburn, Associate Provost for Academic Personnel, has discussed with her ways of better packaging our achievements. This is an issue on which chairs will need to collaborate with directors in early summer.

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