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Licensed Digital Library Resources


Many publishers of digital information require a licensing agreement for access to their electronic publications.

The Libraries will adhere to the terms of the licensing agreement and to the guidelines of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act as required by the terms of the University of Florida.

Use of Licensed Materials

Copyright notices are posted in public areas and appropriate use of library computer resources is outlined in the Computer Use Policy. Users of library digital resources are required to comply with copyright law.  Misuse of any licensed database may result in loss of online privileges.

The Libraries will promote copyright compliance and fair use of digital materials by:

  1. Providing clear documentation of any special restrictions for specific databases and maintaining public copies of publishers’ manuals accompanying digital resources.
  2. Posting statements of usage restrictions as required by the publisher.
  3. Providing copyright and fair use information as a regular part of bibliographic instruction and in instructional materials and Web pages produced by the Libraries.
  4. Maintaining copies of all database licensing agreements for viewing at the office of the Director for Collections.
  5. Posting warning notices of non-compliance at all locations.
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