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The sites listed below provide:

The information contained in these sites does not represent the University of Florida's policy or official interpretation of the law. Faculty, staff, and students of the University of Florida should consult the UF General Counsel's office for legal advice regarding copyright and fair use.

Copyright Issues (American Library Association)
The American Library Association's Washington Office tracks key copyright and related issues that can affect the future of libraries.  The web page provides current status information and links to authoritative resources.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy (Association of Research Libraries)
The ARL site is a comprehensive and current resource for general copyright information as well as specific discussions of copyright issues in the research library setting and the scholarly community. 

Cornell University Copyright Information Center

This recent and very comprehensive site is designed to provide Cornell faculty, staff and students with both general and institution-specific information about copyright. 

Digital Future Coalition
This is the home page for the 42 member Digital Future Coalition (DFC), a collaboration of non-profit educational organizations and libraries with commercial organizations in the computer and telecommunications industries.   The purpose of the group is to preserve the balance between the rights of owners of intellectual property and the fair use privileges of the public. 

Information Technology Association of America
The ITAA is a trade association representing the IT industry "encompassing computers, software, telecommunications products and services, Internet and online services, systems integration, and professional services companies". The ITAA web site provides information about the activities and issues of the IT industry with links to pertinent web sites. 

Scholarly Communication Center of the NCSU Libraries
This well-organized site is North Carolina State University's primary resource on fair use and copyright as they apply to library collections and services. The site contains sections on licensing resources, copyright and fair use, public domain, and intellectual property. 

Copyright and Fair Use (Stanford University Libraries)

The Stanford University Libraries copyright page is mainly a list of pointers to other copyright and fair use sites. The sections covering fair use and multimedia are particularly noteworthy. Some portions of the site are specific to Stanford University. 

United States Copyright Office
This is the place to go for copyright information from the source. You can find out the latest developments in legislation and see press releases from the Copyright Office, peruse a FAQ list and the basics of the Federal laws on copyright, and get applications and instructions on how to search and register your copyright. 

Copyright, Intellectual Property Rights, and Licensing Issues (University of California, Berkeley)
Part of the Berkeley Digital Library Sun SITE, this web page lists a number of copyright sites, including direct links to articles and reports on copyright issues. 

Crash Course in Copyright (University of Texas)
Georgia K. Harper is a specialist in copyright law at the Office of General Counsel for the University of Texas System.   Her online tutorial is designed "to provide guidance to University faculty, students and staff concerning a wide range of copyright issues".

Image Collection Guidelines ( Virtual Resources Association)

Guidelines for educational use of slides, digital files, and other images produced by VRA, a 600-member association of visual resource curators.

World Intellectual Property Organization
The WIPO is one of sixteen specialized agencies of the United Nations system of organizations. It is responsible for the promotion of the protection of intellectual property throughout the world and for the administration of treaties dealing with the legal and administrative aspects of intellectual property. This site includes a bookstore of WIPO publications that can either be ordered or downloaded. 

Copyright Resources Online (Yale University)
A good starting point for copyright research, this site includes annotated links to university copyright pages as well as non-university intellectual property resources. 



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