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The Mutley Chix were an entertaining little punk rock outfit outta Gainesville, FL...circa 'round about 1985-1991. It could safely be said that our impetus to rock was largely due to the inspiration of another local band, Gainesville's godfathers of punk, The Roach Motel. We figured if they could do it, we could do it. And it didn't hurt that they let us borrow their equipment and taught us some songs, to boot. We lasted for a good seven years, although our heyday was undoubtedly the mid-1980's. In typical Gainesville fashion, we had a slew of "Final Shows" but always seem to resurrect with new personnel. In the beginning, our performances were restricted to parties, halls or rec centers, as no club would endure our fabulousity. Of course, those times are always remembered more fondly - thanks largely in part to Lois' fledgling fanzine, "No Worries", whose clout allowed us to put on shows - bringing in bands from out-of-state, presenting local/regional bands as openers. Naturally, the Chix managed to play a number of these events. And events they were, as people would drive from Jax, Tampax and other Florida cities TO Gainesville for a show. Yes, TO Gainesville for a show. Some of the legends that played these parties/shows/and the occasional clubs included: Government Issue, COC, Naked Raygun, Battalion of Saints, Murphy's Law, Agnostic Front, Bad Brains, Crucifucks, Asexuals, Flaming Lips, Subhumans, Scream, Dr. Know, Die Kreuzen, Minutemen, Sonic Youth, Dagnasty, Descendents, Fugazi, Social Distortion, AOD, SNFU, TSOL, etc... ad nauseum. Rubbin' it in? Yeah, maybe a little.

The revolving Chix lineup continued into the early 1990's, playing the early days of Gainesville's notorious Hardback Cafe. We even managed to pull off one disasterous 'tour' in 1990, which consisted of us forcing our friend Warren to take his VW bus (with a brand new engine) across the USA. Brand new VW engines are only supposed to hit a top speed of 55 for the first certain amount of hundreds of miles. Is it possible to drive across the US on a deadline that slowly? No. As a result, we made it out to California thanks to AAA memberships, tow trucks and incredible ingenuity on the part of two fast-thinking Chix. Thank God, because we did manage to play that one show in Chico with Skin Yard and that one show at Gilman Street Warehouse in Bezerkly with Scream. Besides spending an exorbitant amount of cash to tow the VW back to Gainesville, we managed to miss Sharon's wedding in Portland, which was the original impetus for the 'tour'.

Hard to believe that we continued after that on-the-road calamity, but the Chix were nothing if not harbingers of perseverance. Apparently we lasted another year or two. I believe our legitimate final show was at the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre (Gainesville, FL) in 1991. During our illustrious career, we put out three marvelous cassette tapes (remember those?): Mutley Chix!, True Grits and Burn Your Bra. The Mutley Chix were featured in Charles Pinion's cult classic movie, "Twisted Issues" . We also recorded a split 7" with Crimpshine on No Idea Records...before No Idea records was BIG, of course...otherwise we'd all be rich and famous emo queens.

As the annointed (by Lois herself) "Keeper of the Mutley Chix Flame", I purvey this site to the curious, the nostalgic, Gainesville punk rock history buffs and anybody else who might give a fuck. It is dedicated to every single one of the fabulous Mutley Chix - balls, brains, brawls and all.

Compiled 4/18/03 by Deb
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