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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

VI.A.1 Semester Faculty Assignment Report: Instructions

  • Policy

    A Semester Faculty Assignment Report form is completed and submitted to respective department chairs no later than ten days prior to the first day of class each semester (fall, spring and summer). Five days prior to the close of each semester, department chairs submit the Semester Faculty Assignment Report forms to the Human Resources Office. The Human Resources Office staff enters the information provided into the Faculty Activity Reporting System and the Semester Faculty Assignment Report is filed in the librarian's personnel file.

  • Procedures

    Library faculty are to complete a Semester Faculty Assignment Report each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer).

    1. For full time library faculty, 1 FTE (40 hours per week) equals a 100% appointment. One hour per week equals 2.5%; a 10% assignment represents 4 hours per week.

      • Assign percentages to categories 5A, 5B, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 11 only if significant time will be devoted to these activities. Significant time is interpreted as 5% or more, equal to 2 hrs per week.

      • For the purpose of calculating percentages on a semester basis, Fall and Spring semesters each equal 19.5 weeks; summer semester equals 13 weeks.

      • If the assignment changes during the semester, another form indicating revisions must be completed.

    2. Categories 1, 2, 5A, 5B, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11 on the Semester Faculty Assignment Report form may be used to report librarian assignments. Note:  All library faculty must be assigned a departmental (Category 5A) or organized (Category 5B) research component as required by University Administration.

      • Instructional Assignment (Category 1)
        This category is used only if the librarian is teaching a credit course (i.e., the librarian is fully responsible for the course and assignment of grades). This must be reported as a "loan/borrow" with an academic department. The account number for the academic department to which the faculty member is "loaning" time must be indicated. This category corresponds to the area encompassed by "Performance of Professional Responsibility and Working Relationships" in the Career Development Hanbook.

      • Instructional Activities (Category 2)
        This category is only used if the librarian is teaching a credit course, completing Category 1.

      • Department Research (Category 5A)
        This category corresponds to the section "Professional Development and Scholarship" in the Career Development Handbook. The appropriate percentage should be determined by the librarian and his/her supervisor. The scope and complexity of the project(s), the needs of the department, and other professional service commitments will determine the appropriate allocation of time for department research. A research assignment greater than 10% must be approved at the director level. A research assignment should result in a product (publication, presentation, etc.). A brief description of project(s) is to be included under "Description of Duties". Department chairs are authorized to assign and approve up to 10% (4 hours per week) of departmental research to department librarians. Research assignments greater than 10% fall under the procedures outlines in the Career Development Handbook. Librarians should use this category as assigned time while on sabbatical.

      • Organized Research  (Category 5B)
        This category only applies to separately budgeted research. Activity in this category may correspond to both "Performance of Professional Responsibility and Working Relationships" and "Professional Development and Scholarship" in the Career Development Handbook. Administrative grant activity, or activity required to accomplish grant-funded projects, is recorded in this category. This must be reflected as a loan/borrow on the semester activity report. The account number to which the librarian is "loaning" time must be included.

      • Public/Clinical or State Mandated Service (Category 6)
        This category includes most of the scheduled activities assigned in the department required to accomplish library operations and corresponds to the area encompassed by "Performance of Professional Responsibilities and Working Relationships" in the Career Development Handbook. A librarian without an administrative assignment would normally have 85% to 90% of their assignment in this category.

        In addition to librarian activities, it could also include sevice to students unrelated to credit instruction, service as a member of the editorial board of a scholarly journal; service to the community, state or nation, e.g., participation as a member of an advisory board. This category does not include outside employment or consulting services.

      • Departmental Administration (Category 8)
        Effort for administrative and support services benefiting common or joint departmental activities.

      • Governance (Category 9)
        This category includes time assigned to departmental, college, and university-wide committees.

      • Other (Category 10)
        List any of the categories shown below when appropriate. Duties to be included for Sponsored Research Administration only. No other categories may be listed unless directed to do so by the Office of Academic Affairs.

        • Auxiliary Effort -- Effort expended selling services/products. Effort to be shown on auxiliary accounts.

        • UFF Activities -- Assigned release time for union activities.

        • Professional Development Leave/Sabbaticals--Effort should be reported when the chair assigns the leave/sabbatical.

        • Annual/Sick Leave -- To be used when the leave taken exceeds 20 workdays. To determine the percentage, multiply the FTE appointed by the number of days on leave and divide this amount by the total number of workdays in the semester.

      • Total Percentage Employed (Category 11)
        This is the total of the percentages assigned in items 1-10 and represents the total FTE employment of the faculty member for each semester.

    3. Semester assignments are retained in the department until the end of the semester.

      • On the last week of the semester the Department Chair reviews each assignment, indicating "complete" or "continuing" on the form. If "complete" a brief statement (i.e. "article accepted for publication," "conference attended." "committee report submitted," etc.) is needed. The chair should initial and date the form indicating the review, and submit it to the Human Resources office.

      • If a librarian has been absent for 20 consecutive work days or more in the semester, the Human Resources office recalculates percentages to reflect the change in assignment as directed by the Office of Academic Affairs.

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