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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

IV. A. 3. Sample Annual Performance Evaluation Letter

Re:  Annual Evaluation -- 2009-2010 Academic Year

This letter will serve as an evaluation of your performance from March 16, 2009 through March 15, 2010. It reviews your contributions to the Library services and contains comments from your secondary supervisor on your progress in the collection management program.

I will direct my remarks to the following areas:   Professional Responsibility, Professional Development and Scholarship, Professional Service Activities.   The comparison of your Annual Assignment and Annual Activity Report demonstrates that you have been active in all three areas. Your accomplishments detailed in the attached Annual Activity Report clearly stand on their own merit.  Your dedication and personal commitment to excellence is evident in everything you produce and in how you go about it. You are always a credit to yourself, the libraries, the university, and the profession. I am delighted to say that your performance consistently exceeds expectations. Judging by your achievements, I think you are making excellent progress toward tenure and promotion to Associate University Librarian.

1.  Professional Responsibility

[paragraph or two describing accomplishments]

In the first criterion for tenure, I rate your performance as exceeds the criteria.

2.  Professional Development and Scholarship

[paragraph or two describing accomplishments]

In the second criterion for tenure, I rate your performance as achieves the criteria.

3.  Professional Service Activities

[paragraph or two describing these]

In the third criterion for tenure, I rate your performance as needing improvement.

You have made outstanding contributions to the library and I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Recommendations for 2010-2011:


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