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September 26, 2001


Members Present:   Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Pam Cenzer, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Carol Drum, Lei Lani Freund, David Fuller, Ann Lindell, Richard Phillips, Alice Primack, Colleen Seale, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner

Members Absent:  Helen Armstrong, Jana Ronan, Robert Singerman, Carl Van Ness

  1. Status of Library West Addition Planning - C Turner

    Two committees assigned for architect selection for the addition to Library West. One committee is comprised of Dale Canelas, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Steve Shorb, and Carol Turner. The other committee is comprised of heads from all the units that will be housed in Library West.

    The first phase of selection process is complete. Committees have reviewed all the initial proposals, including background information submitted by the architectural firms and building construction firms, assigned points to each and narrowed the pool to five architectural firms and three building construction firms. These proposals are available in Carolís office if anyone would like to review them.

    The five architectural firms will give presentations on October 1st and the building construction firms on October 4th. Each firm will be asked to address a variety of predetermined questions by the committees. Carol believes they will be providing some general designs at these presentations. The committees will assign points and then rank each firm. Cameras will be at the presentations. A final decision is expected by the end of next week.

    When will we find out where the new building would be built? Carol assumes that the winning architect will recommend the location once the firm has performed an evaluation of the ground.

    Committee has recommended that Documents be consolidated. Many more recommendations have been made but have not been addressed. Dale has recommended materials to be moved to Library West that the committee didnít recommend.

    Dale has started plans for a new storage facility per the Provost. No money has been secured for this project.

  2. Report from the SUS PSPC Meeting - C. Turner

    Closing the DLLI Reference & Referral Center
    Presidents of the Community Colleges voted for what service they wanted. 25 voted for Database, 28 voted for Courier Service, 0 voted for Referral Service. SUS felt the Reference and Referral Service was not a priority for funding. Stephanie Reese was adversely affected by the closing and has found a position as the Assistant Director for NEFLIN. Possibility UF might pick up the services that RRC was offering.

    24/7 Reference

    • SUS Distance Learning conference call on October 10th. It should address what services RRC is providing and what services still need to be maintained.
    • Concerns voiced about the type of service we would provide or if we should provide this service at all.
    • If we do should it reflect the type of service we currently provide to our patrons (ie, we do not provide 24/7 service now).
    • Do other service organizations on campus work this way? Is it an effective use of our time? Is it our service philosophy to accommodate anyone at anytime? It was noted the University as a whole does not operate 24/7 to serve students.
    • NC State got a lot of money to do this and did not have a great response.
    • Time zone limitations
    • RRC currently maintains numerous web pages. What would happen to those?
    • We donít have a good grasp of our own online system RefExp. When are the majority of questions asked? We are not currently covering all hours for RefExp. It was noted that we have a lot more questions by email then RefExp. There is a need to gather data/stats about RefExp.
    • Carol suggested we have a meeting solely to discuss reference and referrals. Mimi, Jana, Sherman and Gerald should be there.
    • Will RRC announce their closure effective December 31 or should we. This should be discussed at next meeting.


    • Three-person SUS committee along with Barbara Hood that has been working on what Rosetta will look like.
    • They put together three ideas and took them to the SUS directors. SUS liked them a lot.
    • Some question on whether Rosetta will be only like WEB LUIS or will it be more. ROSETTA should encompass what WEB LUIS did and also include SUS Digital Library and other services from SUS.
    • SUS committee and Barbara Hood not responsible for developing conceptually what will be included in ROSETTA. It was asked who will be developing that aspect of ROSETTA.
    • Carol commended Barbara Hood for all her hard work.
    • Working towards a target date of Summer 2002 for implementation.

  3. ILLIAD Status - D Fuller

    • Going live with the lending side of ILLIAD on Monday, October 1st.
    • Started with lending because it is a simpler module.
    • Had hoped to have test modules ready for committee to run today but still have some features to set up.
    • Has tried to incorporate the doc delivery into the ILLIAD system.
    • Considered a separate web page for distance learners. They would log in and be routed directly to the web page to submit a book or article request and then that request would route automatically to the doc delivery component in ILLIAD. The way it is set up right now if a distance learner or doc delivery IFAS person went in to submit a request it would go to borrowing side of ILLIAD and they would have to forward it over to doc delivery side of the database.
    • We are talking with the University of Tennessee because they have added a separate routing table to their system. We have to be careful with this type of setup that we do not customize ILLIAD to the point if an update came out that it would be labor intensive to update.
    • There is another way. Set up so when user goes in to create their profile we can set a field up for their status that would cue the system to automatically route to doc delivery. This is the preferred setup.
    • Library users and staff to test ILLIAD out this semester.
    • Goal was to have it mandatory next semester however it looks like we might still have both systems the beginning of next semester and then set a date to make it mandatory.
    • It was suggested to have someone in doc delivery test it out.

  4. Discussion of Publicizing and Implementing Authentication at Work Stations

    • Information technology coordinators meeting next Tuesday, October 2nd to set up technical aspects of authentication.
    • Should Library publicize the change to authentication at the workstations? Suggested to wait until we are sure the process is going to work properly.
    • Rich reported that Cynthia and Whinston have been working hard on this project.
    • Rich provided brief overview of how the authentication will work.
    • He said there are a number of issues that deal with the issuing of numbers. That has to be dealt with separately.
    • Suggested that circulation groups work on establishing the policy, procedures and publicity for authentication. Carol asked for suggestions for individuals to comprise the new groups. There really wasnít any. Carol said this could be brought up at the next circulation group meeting.

  5. Reading/Discussion Program Sponsored by the Libraries - A Primack

    • May do a program like they are doing in Chicago where everyone is asked to read the same book and then hold discussion groups.
    • May do program in connection with people awareness week, Jan 14-18.
    • People Awareness Week Group is meeting in next two weeks and have Alice listed to attend if the library is still interested.
    • They suggested that we might get student government or some other group to work with us on it.
    • We can take a proposal to the People Awareness Week committee. They would provide a lot of publicity. Its possible they might take on our project as one of the major projects for people awareness week.
    • Alice checked with the Public Library and the Division of Cultural Affairs in Gainesville. She hasnít gotten any response from Cultural Affairs. Ann Williams at the Public Library is real interested. They are concerned about not having enough copies of the same book in the library.
    • Barbara Galant approached Ann Williams about assuming a leadership role in this project.
    • It cost Chicago Library about $40,000 so she would want to look at how we would get funding if we wanted to do it citywide.
    • Public Library is only considering it if we were going to do it also.
    • Alice was asked if she had contacted the English Dept. She said no, but thought if we decided to do this perhaps they would be good for leading the sessions. It was noted that the Library taking on a project like this might be stepping on the English Dept toes.
    • At this point Alice is just putting feelers out there to see how interested everyone would be. She thinks this would help people learn new things.
    • Having a speaker was suggested because it might be difficult to select a book that everyone would read. It was noted that a speaker might be expensive.
    • Might be a bigger project than we would want to get into if we did it right. It was also noted that we are having problems manning all stations now let alone taking on a project of this magnitude.

  6. Class web pages Ė A. Primack

    • Alice has been working on course web pages that we will invite faculty to add the page to their online syllabus if itís a local course.
    • Alice passed out example of what she has created.
    • She sent to dept with a link to it and received response that some professors were including this in their course info.
    • She feels it is a good way to get library info to students. She hopes that other people are making these kinds of web pages and would like to share information.
    • She found that we canít wait for faculty to come to us. We have to create the pages and approach them.
    • How does this differ from the subject guide? Some subject guides only have web links. Course web pages point more to local resources. It was noted that the concept behind subject guide to incorporate both so why not work on the subject guide. Alice feels the course web pages have more of an instructional premise rather than a bibliography premise as the subject guides do. Students may pay more attention to these pages since professor is including in syllabus.

  7. Current Events Web Page -- Discussion of Providing a Page for Our Users

    Rich added an American to the Library homepage with a link to Emergency and Relief Information in Wake of Terrorist Attach on the US. This inspired discussion about whether the library should have a current events web page. It was noted ďifĒ we were to create this web page that we would need to be careful not to be offensive and that the web page should be located in the subject guide or at the reference level. There were questions about who would maintain this page. Do we have the time to keep up with a web page of this nature? It was also noted that this type of web page is already offered via the References Sources web page under News and Current Events.

  8. RLG - Topics for Discussion with New RLG Staff Member during November Visit

    RLG has a new staff member who would like to come meet with staff to see what they can do for us. Carol will forward her email. Carol explained to her that we are not as connected with RLG as we once were.

  9. Carrying Forward the Planning Sessions within Public Services - Discussion of Priorities and Procedures

    • What do the five goals mean to us and how do we implement/measure these? Carol noted we are lacking the data to do this.
    • Need to look again at objectives and setting up a target date for plans.

  10. Other Topics, Other Reports

    • Carol announced that there is a hiring freeze effective September 24.
    • Effective for all new staff hiring.
    • Vacancies that were advertised prior to the freeze will not be affected.
    • Any new vacancy advertisements must be approved thru David Colburnís office.
    • David Colburn requested that all departments reduce faculty searches.
    • Carol recommended notifying Library Administration if you know you will be loosing any staff members.
    • Some departments have already begun thinking about what reductions they can make in case further cuts are made.

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