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August 29, 2001


Members Present:   Rich Bennett, Pam Cenzer, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Carol Drum, LeiLani Freund, David Fuller, Ann Lindell, Richard Phillips, Alice Primack, Colleen Seale, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner

Members Absent:  HelenJane Armstrong, Suzanne Brown, Pat Reakes, Bob Singerman, Carl VanNess

Guest: Mimi Pappas

  1. Report on Immersion - Mimi Pappas
    Mimi reported on her attendance at the ACRL Institute for Information Literacy Immersion, a 5-day workshop on instruction held in Plattsburg, NY. There were 90 participants in two tracks: new library instructors and instruction coordinators. Mimi attended sessions for new library instructors. The sessions followed the new ACRL guidelines which stress teaching skills and concepts and working with the faculty to incorporate library instruction into their classes. Mimi said that she picked up some new ideas which she plans to share in workshops she and Trudi DiTrolio are planning. She found that we are "on the right track" and are already doing many of the things recommended. Attendance at this session is competitive. We are pleased that Mimi was selected to attend and was also awarded a scholarship.

  2. Passwords for Electronic Resources - Carol D and Pam
    In 1999 Public Services and Technical Services staff developed a procedure for handling electronic titles that require a password for access. The procedure is that the password information be included in the first item record for the title. This approach offers a common way to find this information and provides the security necessary for password-protected resources. There have been some difficulties relating to the procedure. There have been changes in technical services staff, and the password hasn't always appeared on the 1st item record but on the item record for the elecronic copy. Some public services staff have had difficulty accessing the information. And, some concern was expressed about titles that change in this area -- require a password when they haven't before or change the password. Carol Drum distributed copies of the procedure. The procedure will be added to the Public Services web page, and it should be included in the serials manual. Inquiry will be made about new electronic journal processes currently being developed and documented, and a link to this will be made from the procedure on the PS web page. Pam and Gary will organize/lead a technical services workshop for public services staff that will include a review of this procedure. David Fuller asked about whether e-journals with passwords can be made available via interlibrary loan. This requires checking the license -- which ties in with the new electronic journal procedures being developed and documented.

  3. Students using ISIS and other UF financial aid services - how to handle this in the libraries - Colleen
    Colleen reported that large numbers of students have come into the libraries at the beginning of the semester to access ISIS and complete financial aid forms. Doing this involves multiple steps and may require more than one computer. People who are referring the students to the libraries aren't aware of what support and assistance the libraries can provide. Colleen's introduction led to several comments about students' first introduction to the libraries coming in the form of their effort to complete registration or financial aid business and not use library resources. There seem to be many barriers to students' accomplishing their missions simply. This will become even more difficult when an authentication process is in place. Several suggestions were made to address specific problems and introduce the libraries in a more positive way.

    Colleen will talk with staff in the Registrar's and Financial Aid offices. She'll determine what instructions they're giving to students, see what can be shared with our staff, and what information she can give them about the libraries.

    There was great interest and enthusiasm in establishing special welcome services for the beginning of the semester and perhaps other high use times. MSL had discussed setting up a triage desk, and there was support for doing this in both MSL and Library West. Library staff in partnership with others (Xerox, Registrar's Office, student service organizations, etc.) would operate a welcome/problem solving center. Staff might wear special T shirts and design a service to welcome and assist students at high stress times. Kate Lee is looking into this at MSL. PSC is asking Kate to convene a group including Colleen, Alice, and Robena to develop this kind of service for next semester.

  4. Reading/discussion program sponsored by the libraries - Alice
    Alice described the program led by Chicago's mayor to have the whole city read and discuss To Kill a Mockingbird and suggested that the library sponsor some kind of campus book discussion, perhaps in conjunction with People Awareness Week (scheduled for January this year) Suggestions were made that the libraries partner with other Gainesville libraries, with academic departments, with Gainesville's office of cultural affairs, and with local bookstores. There was support for further investigation of sponsoring discussion and/or speakers. Some concern was expressed that this kind of activity could involve a lot of work and might now have many attendees. Alice will explore this further.

  5. Updates
    Fall orientations - Alice reported that attendance is up at both the general (24 and 25) and electronic (10, 13, 7, and 8) orientations. The graduate student orientation was very successful. Library staff took handouts for 400 and ran out of them. Students liked the pencils and rain bags. There weren't as many takers at the new faculty orientation. The libraries have been asked to provide handouts for new TAs and new USPS and A&P staff.

    RefeXpress - is now up and operating on the fall schedule. It's being promoted in several areas, and we're waiting to see the results.

    ILLIAD - Atlas came to campus twice for installation and training ILL staff. ILL staff is working on customized pages. David anticipates that the new system will be up in test mode next week. He encourages staff to try it. After the test, it'll be made available to users.

    Rich announced that he's added a "tip of the day" to the library web page. There is a new proposed web page accessible from the library web page. He also reported that we should hear very soon (this week) about the preferred vendor for the new LMS.

    Carol T. reported that she attended the ACRL Harvard Leadership Institute last week along with John Ingram and Steve Shorb. More than 60 librarians from a variety of academic libraries attended. The Institute was taught using the case method and the book Reframing Organizations. Carol looks forward to sharing some of the cases with UF colleagues.

    Carol noted that the Virtual Reference Desk Conference is being held in Orlando November 11-13. Jana and Mimi are presenting a paper on conducting a reference interview via interactive online reference. Volunteers are being sought to assist. Registration fees will be waived for volunteers.

    Carol reported that Library West proposals from architectural and construction management firms have been received and are being reviewed. A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5, to narrow the field down to finalists.

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