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May 30, 2001


Members Present:   Helen Jane Armstrong, Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Carol Drum, LeiLani Freund, David Fuller, Ann Lindell, Alice Primack, Jana Ronan, Colleen Seale, Carol Turner, and Mimi Pappas

  1. ENC 1101 Update – Mimi Pappas reported on library participation in the freshman English classes, ENC 1101 and ENC 1102. The library training has been well received by both the coordinator and the Tas, and increasing numbers of them are signing up for the library session. Surveys given last year showed about an 80% retention rate on information presented (this is very high!). UF is anticipating 6,000 new freshmen between summer B and fall semester. There will be 41 freshman English classes in summer B and 114 fall semester. Staff are strongly encouraged to respond when Mimi sends out a request for teachers. Teaching these sessions to new UF students is a library-wide responsibility. These sessions give a real opportunity to interact with students and to introduce them to effective ways to use UF’s libraries and information resources. It’s rewarding, fun, and easy. A script is available off the instruction page in the toolbox so teaching can be effective without a major investment in preparation.

  2. ILLIAD Update – David Fuller reported that the libraries are in the process of purchasing the ILLIAD system for Interlibrary Loan. This system received the highest score in the SUS ILL Committee’s RFI process and is currently in use at USF, UNF, and many libraries around the country. It is generally received with great enthusiasm by patrons because it enables them to go on line and check the status and history of their ILL transactions. It also allows for automatic notification to patrons when materials are available, enables distribution of material electronically, and provides many other special services. For staff, it simplifies workflow and greatly reduces paperwork. ILL is planning to put out publicity in various formats to our constituents to alert them of the new service. ILLIAD is now licensed by OCLC. David will investigate with OCLC and FCLA ways to enhance interfaces between ILLIAD and other systems. David asked for the support and assistance of PSC as ILL staff bring up ILLIAD and notify users of its features.

  3. Moving the 900s – Gary Cornwell reported that the contracted book moves were completed very effectively and ahead of schedule. The 900s are now in Smathers compact shelving along with the paged collection, and shifts have been made on the 3d, 4th, and 6th floors of Library West. He hopes there is adequate growth space in West until the new addition is available. Materials in Smathers compact can be requested and paged at all hours Library West is open. A staff member is available in Smathers during limited hours this summer and most service hours in the fall to retrieve or allow patrons to browse and then circulate materials. FCLA is changing the location for the 900s slowly, and all records will be corrected in about two weeks. Gary noted that the next shifting project will be the move of identified low use periodicals to LAD.

  4. Tracking New Materials , Changes in Procedures – PSSC met with Phek Su and Daniel Cromwell last week to discuss tracking new materials that are charged to Resource Services and that have not been discharged by the time they become “overdue.” As a result of that meeting, the circulation period is being changed from 3 weeks to 5 weeks. The overdue notices for the materials are being distributed to the shelving units by Marston staff. (Please let Carol Drum know if they should be addressed to a specific individual.) Access Services staff will send notices (along with daily operations reports) to the shelving location for any of these items that reach “bill” status.

  5. Organizational Planning Status – Carol Turner reported that the next step in the process is a series of “visioning” sessions being held June 7 and 8. She said these sessions, focusing on the library vision, will be a positive contribution to the process as well as a lot of fun. She encouraged staff to sign up with Steve Shorb and participate.

  6. Searches Status Report – Carol Turner Interviews have been scheduled for AFA Assistant Librarian on June 5 and June 7, for Education Librarian on June 22 and July 13, and for one candidate for H&SS reference librarian on June 6. She encouraged members of PSC and their staff to participate in the interviews. Interviews are also being held for East Asian Cataloger and Chair of Collection Management.

  7. Reports and Announcements

    Robena Cornwell reported that the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians is available via Quick Links.

    Carol Drum announced that the print American Men and Women of Science is no longer being issued. The site license for a tape vesion is $12,000 (vs $1,000 for print).

    Rich Bennett reported that because of a credit we now have temporary access to almost all titles in Science Direct. We don’t know how fast the credits will be used and, therefore, how long we’ll have access. This could be very helpful to ILL for borrowing requests and can be used by reference staff with patrons looking for information in these journals. Because of the temporary nature of access, it isn’t wise to promote use through links or even printed messages.

    Ann Lindell suggested an alternative approach to the suggestion the dissertation advisors be included in the author field of the catalog record. She suggested that they be in a searchable note field. The group prefers this approach. Carol Turner will report this to Jimmie Lundgren.

    LeiLani Freund reported that Xerox printing is now up on the NT server. One glitch with the new arrangement is that it is necessary to clear print cues (this was formerly done automatically). Xerox has said they’ll fix this. Xerox staff will be on campus tomorrow. Please let LeiLani know of any problems.

    HelenJane Armstrong reported that the color copier is heavily used and asked about the possibility of another. Ann Lindell concurred that use is also heavy at AFA. Barbara Oliver will be informed of this request and use statistics will be checked.

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