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Meeting Minutes
April 25, 2001

Members attending:  Carol Turner, Suzanne Brown, Rich Bennett, Pam Cenzer, Alice Primack, Robena Cornwell, Gary Cornwell, Jan Swanbeck, LeiLani Freund, Colleen Seale, Jana Ronan

  1. Reports and Announcements

    Jan - Joe's thesis has been accepted and filed electronically (a process that had many problems).  He is getting his masters in geometrics.

    LeiLani - The tech coordinators are writing specifications for security of public workstations.  This may allow central security.  The tech coordinators are concerned.  Windows 2000 will be put on staff machines before public machines.

    LeiLani - The conversion to NT server is scheduled to begin 5/7/01.  Software must be loaded on each work station.  Marvin Crabb in the official liaison to Xerox for this process.  This will be done one location at a time.  It will start at Library West.  The goal is to get everything on the NT network.

    Pam - MSL is finishing construction in Room 215.  There are new staff and student workspaces.  There have been several thefts of patron wallets after 5:00 pm.  UPD has been contacted.  Patrons may not even know they have been burglarized.

    Pam is attending the annual SOLINET meeting in May along with a symposium with library school educators.  In preparation for the symposium, she is researching what kind of competencies librarians should have to work at research libraries and is talking with local library school students.

    Carol Drum will be back 5/4/01

    Pam - There will be a meeting of circulation staff to discuss what has happened since the last town meeting.  The meeting will be this afternoon at 2:30 at MSL.

    Gary - This meeting follows up on the initial town meeting which brought circulation staff getting together to talk about common problems.

    Rich - Bobbie Parker is coming back.  She will begin work soon.

    Carol - The 24-hour library in Library West is starting this weekend.

    Carol - 3M will do a demonstration on 5/1/01 at 1:00 at MSL.  They will demonstrate an inventory control system.  It can establish what is out of order or missing.

    Carol- is attending an ASERL meeting in Atlanta tomorrow.  The Kudzu group of libraries is attempting to improve ILL between research libraries in the southeast.  They also plan to discuss virtual reference services and opportunities for collaboration.

    Jana - The SUS Public Services Planning Committee has a new subcommittee Florida Digital Reference (FDR) that Jana is chairing.  Currently UCF, South Florida and The Reference and Research Center in addition to UF are offering digital reference service.

    Alice - Will be bringing together to revise handouts during the summer.  Last year we sent packets to academic departments for use by faculty.  The group is uncertain whether it is useful to continue this.

  2. RefeXpress Status Report

    Jana - RefeXpress was still down as of 8:15 this morning.  Several computers on campus were hacked including the RefeXpress server.  There was discussion of intersession hours, and the decision was made that the service will not be offered during intersession.

    What hours should RefeXpress  be open in the summer?  The committee will meet next week to discuss schedule.  Documents have RefeXpress on their reference desk computer, but it is hard to concentrate while working reference desk.

    Rich - Assignments are being prepared for next year so it might be good to include RefeXpress in assignments.  We may want to use LTAs to staff RefeXpress and make referrals.

    Jana We want to pull participants together and look at 5/9 or 5/10 training.

  3. First Year Florida Update

    Jana - 50 sections in week 11 (10/29).  Will include library tours, awareness activities.  Same outline as preview.  May be as many as 4 sections in one class period.  Will work with students that may fall through cracks with English program.  We want to post requests for tour leaders.  50 minutes.  Tour will start in Library West first floor reference, circulation, then up to documents and finally 3rd floor periodicals.  There will be about 25 students per section.  We hope to give them a handout before they come in.  Librarian, Mimi Pappas is teaching one of the sections.

  4. Moving the 900s

    Gary - 5/8 and 5/9 Bill Overton from Meyers movers will finalize plans.  Move will begin on 5/10. There will be three work teams.  A-G:  3rd Floor H-Pq:  4th Floor Dewey:  5th Floor, Pr-Z:  6th Floor  900s and East Paged.  Location codes to 900s will read "See circulation in Library West for access or retrieval."   70,000 books will be moved.  It should make 3 years of growth space.  Books will be returned at the same time.  We will be short on students to shelve.  The staff will help shelve as needed.  Anyone who has extra staff to help shelve will be helpful.  We will need to notify students and faculty of the move.

  5. Desktop Delivery Report Summary

    Gary Submitted report yesterday re:  desktop delivery options for library.  We are already doing quite a bit in desktop delivery.  Faculty said they didn't know what we had.  The committee  made one page of information about our services.  A service being planned is conversion of requests for journal articles that would be scanned and accessed via a password.  One probable activity is electronic delivery for ILL and LAD items.  The committee found, however, that most faculty like to browse the shelves.  The Health Sciences library has just agreed to reciprocal return of books with the Smathers Libraries.  This hasn't been the practice in the past.  We'll revise procedures and handouts.  The libraries may want to use e-mail for awareness for desktop delivery.

  6. Organizational Planning Status

    Carol - Presentations are coming along.  We hope Dale's letter got staff attention.  We urge all staff to attend the sessions and ask questions.  The speakers will be focusing on where UF is going and the libraries' role.  Will follow up with ARL consultants and revision of vision/mission/goals.  The ARL consultants will spend 5/17 and 5/18 in Gainesville to help LMG, the planning group, and facilitators move toward next steps in the process.  On 5/18 they will have open meeting with staff.  Carol encourages participation and input.  Seating is limited for the speakers so arrive early (Since the meeting arrangements have been made for larger meeting rooms).  ARL will send out a confidential inquiry to LMG to identify issues to address.  The speakers will be specific to the library.  We may want to send them a list of our services.  We may want to have presentation in a larger auditorium.

  7. Searches Status Report

    Patrick Reakes will be the Journalism librarian.  He will start in July.  Education and AFA are working on scheduling interviews.  Will interview 2 people for each job.

    PSSC will meet with Phek Su on May 23.  The primary topic of discussion will be the process through which items moving from Resource Services to the holding location are tracked via the circulation system.  Another topic will be spine labels.  PS staff have reported that labels are falling off, labeling has been sloppy, and quality of labeling system has gone down.

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