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February 28, 2001


Members Present: Carol Turner, Pam Cenzer, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Whitmer (for Suzanne Brown), Robena Cornwell, LeiLani Freund, Jana Ronan, Alice Primack, HelenJane Armstrong, Colleen Seale, Ann Lindell, Carl VanNess

Members Absent: Robert Singerman, Richard Phillips, Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, David Fuller

1) Reports and Announcements

2) RefeXpress Status Report

Jana Ronan reported that a faculty open house was held to promote RefeXpress. It wasn’t well attended, but it brought the service to people’s attention. Barbara Hood is working with the committee to market it. They have had trouble filling all the time slots and there is a concern that all the volunteers may not have reference experience.

3) First Year Florida

First Year Florida is a freshman experience course offered for the first time in the fall for one credit (Jana is on the curriculum committee and Mimi was an instructor). The course is centered around preparing freshmen to have a good college experience. The library will hold tours as their part of the course. Robena Cornwell suggested showing a video of all the libraries and then have a tour of Library West.

4) Library Instruction Update

Alice Primack said they consistently have about 50 people involved in library instruction. There were 749 instruction sessions taught last year for all the libraries, including Law and Medicine. She also said the statistics are posted on the website. Instruction2/stats/edustats.html

5) National Library Week

National Library Week is April 1-7. The website will have information on the library, quotes from faculty and students and images of the libraries. A quiz with prizes will be given again with the answers to the questions found in various library resources. Staff will receive emails highlighting interesting websites during the week. The staff picnic will be help April 6.

6) SPARC letter and brochure

SPARC is sending out a letter to editors of scholarly journals along with a brochure. Carol told PSC members to be aware that some UF faculty will be receiving them.

7) Organizational Planning Status

A committee composed of Trudi DiTrolio, Jan Swanbeck, Pam Cenzer, Mimi Pappas, Betsy Simpson and carol Turner has met to begin planning sessions. A number of key UF administrators will be scheduled to discuss areas of importance to them relating to UF at present and in the future. These speeches will be open to all library staff. The intent is to make the staff more aware of what is on the horizon for the library. The talks will be followed up with group discussions about what was learned. Other ideas include having a retreat or holding library-wide workshops to identify issues of concern and to discuss the many changes the future holds for the libraries and library staff.

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