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January 29, 2003


Members Present:   Helen Armstrong, Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Lori Driscoll, Carol Drum, David Fuller, Ann Lindell, Iona Malanchuk, Richard Phillips, Alice Primack, Patrick Reakes, Colleen Seale, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner

Members Absent:  Lei Lani Freund, Jim Liversidge, Jana Ronan, and Robert Singerman

  1. Fundraising and Us – Discussion with Sandy Fox-Melching
    Sandy Melching attended the PSC meeting to discuss fund raising, what we are doing at the libraries, and what the role of public service staff could be in the process.
    • What is fund raising/resource development?
      Sandy explained that fund raising/resource development is a strategic plan that flows from the University initiative, down to the Director/Dean level (Dale Canelas). The Director/Dean then articulates the Libraries vision. It is Sandy’s job to strategize and incorporate the vision into a fund raising plan.
    • Kinds of fund raising
      1. Regular gifts
        Those made repeatedly and during regular timeframes.
      2. Major/Special gifts
        Made to help an organization meet a special need. These gifts can be pledges to assist in a capital campaign and are 5 to 10 times larger than regular gifts
      3. Ultimate gifts
        The largest philanthropic commitment the donor is capable of making and is often 1,000 to 10,000 times larger than the regular gift. Are often worked on for many, many years.
    • Method:
      1. Advisory/Leadership Board
        In the past seven months we have 18 people who have verbally committed to serve on and 25 more who have been referred to be on the board.  The goal of the board is to fund raise and advance the library.  Suzanna Borg is the chair.  The board will meet semi annually.   The 1st meeting will be the end of February or the beginning of March to begin developing monetary and qualitative goals for the board to achieve.
      2. Reasons for giving
        #1 emotion, feeling a connection with the cause
        #2 urgency
        #3,4,5 have confidence in leadership and the mission and want to belong
    • How to participate
      1. Staff can go with development officer on visits
      2. Identify sources – individuals and foundations
        If anyone has referrals Sandy would be glad to visit the individual/foundation.
      3. Identify need and write proposals
      4. Make presentations – seek linkages in the community
        Example – Cathy Mook in Preservations would like to find a way to visit groups (i.e. – seniors groups) about how to preserve scrapbooks, books, family mementoes, etc.
      5. Sandy provided examples referencing Richard Phillips, Robert Shaddy, and Carol Turner to demonstrate how valuable library staff have been and can be in bringing in prospective donors.
    • Sandy distributed copies of a news clipping about the ‘Hell’s Angels’ presentation donation to the Libraries. It was noted that an announcement should be sent to all library staff when events such as this are taking place.
    • Carol Turner asked committee members think about potential donor and advisory board prospects.
  2. Update on ALEPH and SFX/MetaLib – Lori Driscoll
    • January 14th ExLibris trained ten Circulation staff and on January 15th they trained ten Acquisitions staff. The training was an introduction to the staff side of the new LMS and the OPAC. Since the state OPAC has not been decided they just learned the ExLibris options.
    • On January 30th the same ten Circulation staff will receive functional training for the Circulation module. On January 31st the same 10 Acquisitions staff will receive functional training for the Acquisitions module.
    • Subset three, which contains acquisitions data, is currently under review. It has been discovered that current receipts are not migrating which resulted in a quick binding project.
    • There will be another subset after the review of subset three is complete.
    • Rich Bennett and Lei Lani Freund sat in on the FSX training at FCLA. Rich will be sending out information about what was covered.
    • Resource Services staff members have been going to FCLA to discuss problems that have been found.
  3. Video Project Update – Patrick Reakes
    • The Library video project is approaching completion. It should be up in 2-3 weeks.
    • Trying to find space on the Libraries’ homepage to place a link to the video.
    • The committee viewed a demonstration of the video.
    • Alice Primack noted that AIT is interested in having the library’s video air on Channel 22 for housing. The video must be 15 minutes long to air on Channel 22.
    • A suggestion was made to add something about Sandy Melching and Library Development. It was pointed out that the target audience is students. Possibly another version of the video could be made to include this information and be used to air on Channel 22.
    • It was noted that a lack of equipment and staff turnover in the department that we were working with to do the Flash has been factors in production delay.
  4. E-world and Smathers Libraries Public Services – beginning discussion of our organization in the changing world
    • At the last Library Council meeting there was discussion of library re-organization and some steps that are being taken in Technical Services area to look at how technology is changing, what the impact is on the Library, and if the library is organized properly given the changes.
    • There has been discussion about moving DLC into Technical Services and shifting reporting lines as to have more of a Technology Division rather than a Technical Services Department.
    • Carol Turner wants Public Services staff to start thinking about what Public Services does, what impact technology is having on Public Services, and are we organized best to accomplish our goals.
    • It was noted that this should be looked at as a function based reorganization for the library as a whole and not based on Tech Services reorganization.
    • The committee asked Carol Turner to get an idea of what is going on in Administration in reference to reorganization. It would be helpful to know what direction the Directors would like this to go. Carol noted that the Directors have not discussed re-organization in great depth. This whole discussion began with looking at the DLC and went from there.
    • It was agreed that some type of reorganization is needed given all the technology changes. It was noted that some type of global staff meeting to discuss this subject would be beneficial.

  5. Reports, Announcements, and Future Agenda Items
    • Jeb Bush’s state budget proposal calls for the elimination of the State Library. Jan Swanbeck will be attending a meeting in Tallahassee tomorrow. Jan has been in contact with GPO because they are a regional and there isn’t a provision for the state depository program. Carl Van Ness was quoted in the Miami Herald because of his concern for state archives. Dale Canelas was on NPR this morning.
    • The One City, One Story program will be beginning. The book chosen this year is Romeo and Juliet. On February 18th a representative from the Hippodrome will visit to speak to library staff. John Van Hook will do a program for staff and the general public on the editions of Romeo and Juliet that the library owns.

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