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SEPTEMBER 19, 2001

Members Present:   Dale Canelas, Trudi DiTrolio, Bill Cover, Denise Bogart-Cabellero, Carl Van Ness, Marcia Pearce, Colleen Seale, Barbara Hood, Carol Drum, John Ingram, Jan Swanbeck, Gary Cornwell, Betsy Simpson, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Cathy Monk, Steve Shorb, Michele Crump, Barry Hartigan.

Meeting Manager:  Dale Canelas

Meeting Facilitator:     Trudi DiTrolio

Steve Shorb reported on the progress of the strategic planning process.  Steve distributed handouts showing the five strategic vision  objectives.  He explained the  use of the balanced score cards with a graphic to show the relationship of  the institutional visions and the scorecards objective.


Martha Hruska reported on the progress of the LMS process  in the selection of a vendor. A technical discussion with the favored vendor,  Ex Libris, was postponed last week due to terrorist activities and travel problems.  There is still some clarification needed before the final negotiation can be done.

Dale Canelas noted that the 9/19 Gainesville Sun reported a budget shortfall this year.  It could mean a call back on funding later this year.

SACS Report:

The group went through the SACS draft, with members of LMG making corrections as appropriate. Dale requested that lengthy corrections be sent to her on email within a few days.  Faith Meakin, Health Science Center and Betty Taylor, Law Library will be giving Dale their sections for the report in next few days.   Dale hopes to have the final draft ready for review by September 21.  The report is due October 1.

There was no further business.     Meeting adjourned 10:45 a.m.



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