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November 8, 2001

9:00am – 11:00am

Members in Attendance: Dale Canelas, Barbara Oliver, Bill Covey, Gary Cornwell, Rob Roberts, Rich Bennett, Carol Turner, Denise Bogart-Caballero, Pam Cenzer, Barry Hartigan, Jan Swanbeck, Colleen Seale, Betsy Simpson, Michele Crump


Meeting Manager: Dale Canelas

Meeting Facilitator: Trudi DiTrolio


1.      Vision  -- Assessment of Progress Toward Goals


Steve Shorb presented an update on strategic planning.  The committee discussed how to move onward with the Vision process, the balanced scorecard process and ways to implement.  Discussion centered on how to identify activities and assign people who will be responsible for refining and implementing the objectives.  Committee suggestions were noted and are to be incorporated in the charge for the task force. 

Dale Canelas will appoint the Implementation Task Force and distribute the charge.


2.      Building project


Dale Canelas reported that the contract for an architect has not yet been signed due to discussions on appropriate fees.  Negotiations are ongoing.


3.      Budget


Dale Canelas reported that Tallahassee will be working on the budget again mid to late December and there will probably be additional cuts.


4.  ITAC


Dale Canelas attended the ITAC meeting October 15, 2001 at which there were discussions of the new network for UF but no proposal accepted on how to pay for it.


5.  Access Services


Carol Turner thanked Gary Cornwell for serving as acting chair of Access Services.


6. Personnel

Trudi DiTrolio reported that the library will be taking part in the University’s Computer Challenge Program beginning in January.



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