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       January 25, 2001



Members in Attendance: Dale Canelas, Barbara Oliver, Bill Covey, Gary Cornwell, John Ingram, Rob Roberts, Rich Bennett, Carol Turner, Denise Bogart-Caballero, Pam Cenzer, Melody Smith, Barry Hartigan, Jan Swanbeck, Colleen Seale


Meeting Manager: Dale Canelas


Meeting Facilitator: Trudi DiTrolio


1.      LMS Committee


A number of the committee members would be going to Orlando on Tuesday and plan to narrow down the list from four to two or three. Those on the short list will give presentations in late February and early March.


2.      Budget Status


Barbara Oliver reported that the library was on schedule with the budget in every area except for OPS.  She said the OPS budget is looking at a large deficit and it is important for each department to not spend more than was allotted.

She said that the university divisions were mandated to encumber any carry forward funds by the end of the year. The lists that were presented for request were filled for the most part. 

In the past, any salary savings was made into carry forward funds, but the governor is trying to change that so that the money goes back to the state.


3.      Internship Program


Denise Bogart-Caballero announced that the decision had been made to create a student internship policy. This is a way to keep the Library Personnel office in the loop, rather than having each individual area handling their own.


4.      Student Raise Guidelines


Denise handed out the current guidelines ( The policy hasn’t been followed for the last three years. Dale said it wasn’t fair if competition was created between the departments because some departments pay more than others. The group decided that student workers should receive raises based on amount of time worked and the duties they perform. Denise asked that department supervisors send her ideas of skill levels and appropriate placement of the skills in the job classification. She will put together a new set of guidelines with base salaries and have it reviewed by a task force.  Dale also asked that Denise find out what the university’s average student salary is. She also asked Barbara Oliver to determine what a cross-the-board student raise of 25 cents and 50 cents would cost the library.


5.      University Update


Dale reported on the morning’s Dean’s meeting. She said President Young discussed the current happenings in the state government and how Senator Bob Graham’s entrance into the Board of Regents fight is affecting the process.

She said Governor Bush’s budget doesn’t appear to be as bad as originally feared, but that the libraries and agriculture programs are hurt the most. She also gave a brief overview of the budget.


6.      Mid-year Assessment of Progress Toward Goals

Dale asked that every chair look at the goals posted on the website and send Dale an update of the progress their area has made toward completing those goals. She would like the reports to follow the structure of the goals document so that there is a uniform report library-wide.



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